IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Yi Yu

by Tan Haijun(Amu)

Projet Description

The bustling city and the warm harbor are my last resting place. Our daily work has put too much pressure on us. I hope to come back here to relax the owners. The space is simple and open, and the color is relaxed and warm. We forget our troubles when we come back here. Here is only for you. Let me play and swim. Here we can be unscrupulous. We can read and drink tea alone, and watch the night sky outside with our little pets. Here is my "corner"

Tan Haijun(Amu)

(Break your past. As for design, it is the perception of life. I once thought that design should be a fantastic idea. It should be a heavenly horse and a starry sky. Later, I thought that design is a person. It has feelings and temperature. It can communicate with people. After the case is settled, we can feel the resonance between the design and us, or through years of precipitation, it can last for a long time. A good design must be people-oriented, not just the construction of reinforced concrete.

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