IDPA Japan Design Award


by inDare Design Strategy Limited

Projet Description

ASUS has always adhered to the brand belief of "firm as a rock" and continues to innovate to create unique digital life experiences for users. In this background, we designed the flagship store for ASUS, using the stone as the main element to respond to the brand's strong beliefs.
In the customer experience area, we wanted to create a comfortable space with product thinking to bring a better experience to our customers.
In the product sales area, we designed a "space-time prism" with a semi-loop track as the product display, overturning the traditional retail store display rules and giving users a new visual experience, conveying ASUS' vision of the future.
In the product experience area, we break the inherent perception of desktop usage scenarios and fit the theme of“firm as a rock”to bring users a future space immersion experience and deep communication with the product.
In the product accessory area, we have designed a three-sided surround experience table, so that visitors can have a shocking experience no matter where they go. Users can feel both the strong core energy of the brand and the hard-core details of the product craftsmanship.
In this project, we are constantly thinking about the possibilities of the future retail space for commercial notebooks. Based on insight and analysis of cutting-edge trends, brand analysis and consumer research, we conceive a new situation of future retail space.

inDare Design Strategy Limited

inDare (Gewai Design) was founded in 2015, located in Shenzhen. It was co-founded by a team of senior talents from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shenzhen and Shanghai. At present, the company has more than 150+ talents from home and abroad, and we are committed to providing brand performance full-service projects for clients. Our four core businesses include brand innovation, product innovation, space innovation and visual innovation. Until now, we have successfully won 240+ domestic and international design awards, including Red Dot Best of the Best, iF Gold Award, IDEA Bronze Award, G-MARK, Pentawards Gold Award, Muse Design Platinum Award, etc. We have become the team that has won the most design awards in the shortest time in China. inDare helps Fortune 500 and new consumer brands to discover strategic visions first, quickly capture the minds of young consumers and improve brand influence comprehensively.

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