IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by Huizhou CDN Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

As the first smart zoom spotlight with low UGR value in the world, BACH 5S solves the inconvenience of ordinary spotlights in operation, shading and human-machine interaction problems, as well as the pain points of inconvenient operation for lighting installers, lighting designers and end users in an all-round way. It is a high-end spotlight integrating optics, great performance and attractive appearance, which can meet various indoor professional smart lighting requirements.
BACH 5S realizes patented digital zoom lens in the smallest volume built in, so that users can freely control the beam angle through APP to conduct digital zoom. Compared with traditional spotlights-the lens focal length cannot be adjusted automatically, BACH 5S perfectly realizes the convenience of zooming of small spotlights and the automatic control of the light’s angle in the room. For example, when the display space frequently changes the display items, the focal length of the lens can be automatically adjusted only through the APP, so that the light angle can be adjusted to meet the display lighting of different products, thereby reducing the replacement of spotlights or accessories.
BACH 5S is equipped with LOT platform driver, which integrates the removable wireless and wired module functions, and realizes all wired and wireless controls such as conventional non-dimming/0-10V/DALI/DMK512/Bluetooth/WIFI/ZIGBEE.
BACH 5S adopts a modular design, so that the lamp body can be freely replaced and installed at different angles. And it’s equipped with a variety of reflectors, optical accessories, etc., which supports the user’s flexible splicing and free combination, ensuring the best illumination effect in different use environments, and achieves the goal of applying one spotlight to various spaces. Meanwhile, the cost of product molds is reduced, and the utilization rate is improved.
BACH 5S realizes the industry-leading UGR value (-5.7).
Inspired by the artistic conception of Chinese landscape painting and the Mount Fuji in Japan, BACH 5S endows its outline a visual sense of overlapping mountains. Meanwhile, its shape is integrated into the 30° north latitude mid-fold line design element, and is compatible with the modification of gears and graduations, which reflects an industrial sense of the design, achieving the perfect integration of art & technology.

Huizhou CDN Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

Huizhou CDN Industrial Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, covering an area of nearly 100,000 square meters. It is a professional and systematic lighting solution service provider integrating design, production, marketing and service. The company is guided by the global field and leads the future application trend. According to the development characteristics and needs of market segments, the company has formed hotels, stores, real estate, commercial supermarkets, offices, education, medical care, venues, home, outdoor, public buildings, and museums. , fire emergency, intelligence and other full coverage of the city model, Seton Industry owns two sub-brands of BACH and Mayalit, Seton Qiming stores all over the country, and established two R&D centers in Germany Graf Weider and Huizhou City, China. A lighting experience center, testing center and advanced R&D and production equipment. Seton Lighting Testing Center was certified by CNAS in 2018, and was certified by TüV and CTF registered laboratory in 2021. The products have passed the certification of 3C, CE, RoHs and other domestic and foreign authoritative organizations, and passed and strictly implemented the S0901.208 international standard quality management system Graduated from SO1402004 Environmental Management. Obtained a total of 325 patents for inventions, utility models and designs. BACH III series and Mayalit BEN won the “iF International Product Design Award”, BACH 5th generation won the 2021 Red Dot-Best Product Design Award, and the Argos series floodlights won the 2021 Japan Good Design Award.

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