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International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Art House with Low Saturation


Project Description

The great significance of art is that it can show people's true feelings, the mystery of inner life and the world of enthusiasm.
- Roman. Roland
The overall design of the interior space is in black, white and gray. White can present the most natural and pure essence of the house, black can show the artistic and avant-garde temperament, and gray can reflect the balance between nature and art. The black, white and gray space language may be simple and quiet, but we hope that through the arc, a more simple and healing design language, to express the flow of space and thoughts, and show the flexibility, softness and tension of space. Extend vertically and smoothly to improve the visual height of the space. From the horizontally, it is rounded and connected to the limitless visual width.
Entering the room through the corridor, the comfortable and relaxing atmosphere fills the whole space. The living room space is completely unfolded, and the TV attachment structure column hangs between the dining and living room, creating a transparent visual sense. The interspersal of lines has never been isolated. It should not only complement the main body, but also be partially flexible and orderly to produce visual beauty. The layering of the color is also just right, and the local dark color and stone embellishment add texture.
The viewer's line of sight wanders with the designer's presentation of line modeling, from vision to psychology, to complete a kind of co-creation. These outlined objects are shining, shining with spiritual light.
Home is not a container filled with objects, it is a conscious residence, and art can find this point in the order of home. Art echoes people, and emotions nurture artistic atmosphere, so as to express people's love for the essence of life.
What really makes people feel comfortable and comfortable is not only to like, but also to achieve spiritual satisfaction. In interior design, the real meaning of each work comes from the synchronous thinking of the designer and the owner, the collision of art and dreams, and the emotional sublimation of home and life. Free life is artistic, and the infinite connection between life and art, and everyone's understanding of art, cares about everyone's unique emotions, and everyone is an artist of their own life.
The bedrooms are located on the second floor of the building and are reached by another suspended staircase. The pure white curved wall and the black suspended steps form a strong intersection, creating a minimalist space style. The large area of floor-to-ceiling glass in the bedroom introduces the sunlight and outdoor day and night landscape into the interior, so that the occupants can embrace nature and enjoy the relaxation and leisure of life. We minimize the decoration in the bedroom. In terms of lighting, most of the light sources are hidden diffuse light sources, so that the eyes and mind can rest and relax.
If interior design is a re-creation of space and environment, then architecture and landscape are the key to upgrading the indoor effect. On the basis of the natural courtyard given by the original building, we have optimized the doors, windows and the ground level, so that the overall courtyard is naturally divided, and the areas can flow with each other. At the same time, we continue the indoor and outdoor field atmosphere, which makes people fall in love at first sight.


Founder/Chef Designer of EFT Design Office;
Graduated from China Academy of Art,in major of Environment and Art Design in 2011;
Graduated from France,in major of Interior&Architectural design in 2013;
Established EFT Design Office in 2014.
Winning the 13th China International Architectural Decoration and Design Fair
Top 100 New Designers in Interior Design in China 2017-2018
Winning the 13th China International Architectural Decoration and Design Fair
Outstanding Young Designer of Chinese Interior Design in 2019;
Hotel Design Award at the 2019 International Environmental Innovation Design Awards.
2020 Golden Housing Awards Top 10 Urban Designers
2020 Cotton Tree Award. 2020 Interior Design Award
2020 Shanghai Design Zhou Taizhou Intercity Listed Designers
Designers on Zhejiang Provincial List of the Year 4040 in 2021
Top 10 Urban Designers of the Year at the 2022 Golden Hall Awards
Designers of Zhejiang Provincial List of the Year 4040 in 2022
2022 Japan IDPA International Pioneer Design Award
2022 French GPDP AWARD TOP10 Most Influential Designer of the year
CEIDA MEMBER - International Senior Designer

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