IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by Wakaba Interior Design

Project Description

This is an aged single-story residence with an internal area of approximately 90 square meters. The design of the house emphasizes simplicity and spaciousness, utilizing a color palette of white, wood, and artistic paints to evoke a serene Japanese ambiance that aligns with the lifestyle of the homeowner's family. The primary design challenges included ensuring ample lighting and providing sufficient space for children to move freely within the house. The architectural approach focused on minimizing partitions, fostering a sense of flow, and maximizing activity areas. The angled entrance not only enhances the welcoming feel of the home but also enhances the circulation within the public areas.
The interior layout features functions arranged along the walls to eliminate the need for corridors, facilitating seamless transitions between spaces. Notably, wooden cabinets integrated beneath the beams offer both storage capacity and visual appeal. The traditional TV wall has been replaced by a retractable projection screen, enhancing versatility and adaptability. Additionally, the study room incorporates a glass sliding door to promote an open and expansive environment. Various types of glass, including clear, rainbow, and glass tiles, are strategically utilized throughout the space to optimize light distribution, creating a luminous and harmonious atmosphere. The children's room is thoughtfully designed with soy green walls for a calming effect, complemented by curved lacquered boards to add visual interest. Each aspect of the room is custom-tailored to meet the needs of the family members, embodying a commitment to quality living standards.

Wakaba Interior Design

The term '若葉' originates from the Japanese word 'Wakaba,' symbolizing the lush green leaves that sprout anew from trees during summer.
Every household poised to embrace a new life embodies the essence of 若葉.
We refrain from confining ourselves to any particular style; rather, we embrace the diverse needs and styles of each homeowner. Through careful observation and interviews, we infuse splendid designs into their future lives.
Concerning the warmth of home, the functionality of living, and the health and safety that both we and homeowners prioritize, these elements are meticulously etched into the fabric of home spaces.

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