IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by One Avenue Design Co.Ltd (Zixin Hong,Tong Shen,Senpeng Yang)

Project Description

This project is a private residence with an area of about 180 square meters, and the antique style blossoms its unique charm, as if through the corridor of time, injecting a touch of ancient and fashionable atmosphere into the owner's home life. Through the clever matching of the antique style, the herringbone wood flooring, walnut furniture and other elements are intertwined to compose an elegant and cozy symphony of life, making the home a perfect blend of fashion and comfort.
In this case, the open space planning is used to expand the public living space. For example, the kitchen is designed as if it were a culinary art temple, with walnut cabinets and marble counter-tops complementing each other. The heat of cooking wafts through the air, and the open design breaks the traditional spatial limitations, skillfully connecting the kitchen with the living room. On one side of the kitchen, a sophisticated bar becomes the ideal place to enjoy a meal and socialize. Throughout, floor-to-ceiling glass connects the landscaped balcony to the living room, drawing the outdoor view out into the interior of the space, blurring the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, and allowing for plenty of natural light in this most frequently used space. A spacious and bright open study is entered via the glass door, with thousands of books on the shelves, which are treasures of wisdom and provide nourishment for thinking and learning. The walnut desk is placed with stationery, as if thinking about the color palette, for the residents to create a focused and comfortable learning space. In the living room a warm yellow walnut floor is warm and solid underfoot. On the high ceiling, the exquisite chandelier emits a soft light, like a bright light that lasts forever. The design of herringbone wood flooring is not only beautiful, but also transmits the gentleness of the years between each step. Lego room is a creative world, the wall is decorated with colorful Lego blocks mural, as if a boundless playground. Here, both children and adults can release their imagination and build their dream world with colorful blocks.

One Avenue Design Co.Ltd (Zixin Hong,Tong Shen,Senpeng Yang)

Founded in 2017, One Avenue Design Co.Ltd. is a design company with a high degree of pursuit of the perfect fusion of artistic aesthetics and practical functionality.
Since its establishment, the company has taken the core concept of "a deep forest opens up a road, green roaches become four neighbors", and insisted on realizing the highest quality of design works from conceptualization to final completion.

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