IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by Miyamura Interior Design

Project Description

Home is a place that provides warmth and embrace. This design case presents the warmth, tranquility, and humanistic expression of the home through the overall color scheme and design techniques tailored to the user's usage habits.
The choice of color is the core of this design. The warm vine color, soft light blue and light pink, as well as warm tones that complement natural elements, create a comfortable and harmonious atmosphere.
The design of curved curves adds a sense of softness and fluidity to the space. Make people feel warm and comfortable in it. This curved design not only brings visual beauty to the space, but also increases the comfort and smoothness of the space.
The cabinet door panels are made of rattan material, and the natural texture and texture create a close to nature atmosphere. The use of these natural elements not only complements the overall spatial style, but also makes people feel the beauty and tranquility of nature.

Miyamura Interior Design

Miyamura Interior Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd., abbreviated as "Miyamura Mingqing". The symbol of the palace character: "Palace" represents a solemn and revered living room, reflecting the company's respect and rigor in design work, as well as expressing the appreciation and inheritance of traditional culture.
The meaning of a village: The word "village" carries a warm and shared meaning, indicating teamwork and community spirit. Also grow together with customers.
The name "Gongcun Mingqing" is full of cultural heritage and team spirit, reflecting the company's enthusiasm, respect, and commitment to design work. Company service project: Meet the needs of customers for residential and commercial spaces. Here are our service offerings:
1. Interior space planning and design of new and old houses
2. Unified contracting of indoor decoration engineering
3. Commercial space design and mobile housing
Committed to providing comprehensive design solutions to create comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and functional spaces for customers.

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