IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

A paradise for cats

by Michael

Projet Description

2 people and 12 cats. In order to give the cats a better living space, the owner specially changed an old house with a loft, with one floor for self-occupation and one floor for cats. In the magic city where every inch of land saves gold, this approach is undoubtedly extravagant or even crazy in the eyes of many people. But I think that what design practitioners have to do is to achieve a better life for the homeowner. This is not limited to the improvement of physical conditions, but also the intimacy and abundance of emotional life. Therefore, we planned all the attic into a cattery. Both the living room and the master bedroom are partially hollowed out, and glass partitions are used to optimize the sense of space and light, and better realize the daily interaction between downstairs & upstairs/people & cats. The stairs and balcony on the first floor are also planned as play and rest areas for cats. In this home, we consider cats as real family members to consider their needs.



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