IDPA Japan Design Award

Silent advertisement

by Kirin Wei

Projet Description

Japanese design master Yasuki Kurokawa once said: design, creation, is to make life more convenient and beautiful. From this, designers consider the structure of the space, simply and clearly express the visual level, pay attention to the proportion, the function of each element, and pay attention to the core details.
This case is mainly "white" color. As the neutral color of space, "white" color is the "protagonist" and "supporting role" of space. Different colors, such as brass stainless steel, The "log color" is naturally pure and simple, regardless of the color It is not only simple and environmental protection, but also reposes the fast-paced living conditions of modern society and people's yearning for a better natural life.
The design of the light source is also full of the hierarchical management of the living situation. Instead of using the central chandelier, it combines the top design with the diffuse reflection as the basis, supplemented by downlights and line lights, and outlines the space block and tight sideline for the natural texture stone background and log color floor in a large area of light tone, so as to create the aesthetic feeling of the atmosphere, abandon the complex decoration, and create the "white" color In the middle.
Match again with light tone or gray tone carpet to divide large area log color compound solid wood floor, appear particularly relaxed and comfortable. It has distinctive decorative paintings and ornaments. So that "blank" collocation, and then straight into the imagination and feeling, designers focus on the owners of "simple", "clean" two words. What we want to restore to the real space step by step, to make the space more natural and clean, which reflects a comfortable life and a taste of life.

Kirin Wei


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