IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

A12 cloud dashcam


Projet Description

Different from the square appearance of the traditional driving recorder, the shape of the product breakthrough adopts circle as its main design language, and the overall appearance is like a drop. The screen uses bionics, inspired by the shape of the human pupil, and uses visual science to magnify the visible picture, thereby increasing the degree of visual recognition.
In terms of material, the product is made of environmentally friendly fireproof material, the surface is frosted and sun-finished, semi-inlaid gun-color precision milling alloy, the alloy surface is oxidized, and the local R-angle bright surface reflects the metallic luster.
In-time status display
Thanks to its mobile internet features, the product can send a snapshot command on the mobile phone, and the product can instantly capture pictures or videos and upload it to the cloud disk in time.
Abnormal state traceability
The product can identify abnormal driving conditions and store them in a cloud application program, marking the abnormal date and abnormal road section in the program. The user can directly click on the map's driving track to view the abnormal road section. When viewing the video, the user can directly slide forward and back, which greatly saves the user's time to find the abnormal driving state.
Safe collision protection
Combining the three-axis gravity system and the driving question anti-collision system, in the event of major damage to the vehicle, the chip will immediately lock the interval video information and transmit it to the cloud, and push it to the mobile terminal in real time.
Mass cloud storage
The product is different from the traditional TF memory card type driving recorder. It applies 4G cloud disk storage technology and combines time-lapse video recording with cloud disk storage. Compared with the limited memory of traditional driving recorders, the A12 has a memory that is several times larger than that of traditional recorders. The current product can store up to 504 hours of video and store driving mileage up to 10,000+ kilometers.

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