IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Afternoon Mocha

by Alex Wang

Projet Description

Base: Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China
Square: 120 square meter
Design Concept: The proposal is a residential project designed for a family of three. The intellectuality and elegance of the hostess brewed the holistic design like Mocha’s mellow. The overall style is modern light luxury and its main color tends to Warm colors with low lightness. We combine straight line and curve via the implementation of natural wood grain, stone, the fabric of modern industry, leather and so on, to make the atmosphere simple and tender. We also pay attention on the coherence of function and format according to the customers’ demands of space utilization and the pursuit of life quality, and we wish the holistic design is able to win time.

Alex Wang

Design director of Yuyao Zoran Decoration Engineering Co., LTD
Time of practice: 10 years
Good at style: modern style, new Chinese style, light luxury style
Design concept: the design scheme is not our design ability, but our experience and perception. Design comes from life, space to serve people, to have the temperature, have feelings of the place is called home.
Education and Examination Center, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, PRC: Senior Interior Designer;
2023 The 5th Japan IDPA International Pioneer Design Award Professional awards;
2023 The 5th Japan IDPA International Pioneer Design Award the TOP100 International Impact Designer Award of the Year;
Baby Rabbit Easy to pack 2022 interior Design Gold Award;

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