IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

The Masterpiece 1688 Villa SB

by Ronald Lu & Partners

Projet Description

New World · Lizun Villa is located in Yuhe, the last villa site in the central villa area of Shunyi District, Beijing. It is developed in two areas, east and west, with a total of 310 French-style townhouses and single-family villas. The designer mainly undertook the interior design of the project and provided the corresponding garden intentions, taking both the inside and the outside into consideration, and the planning was thorough. The real developer created a pattern of one villa and three courtyards for successful people, showing great style.
SB Villa has five floors, three floors above ground and two floors underground. The designer uses modern Chinese style, a courtyard in the house, meticulous life, and orderly design concepts, and is determined to create a leisurely and quiet living environment for the whole family. The occupants of the villa are young families, both young and old, who pride themselves on having Chinese ancestry. Therefore, the villa is infused with oriental elements, using the contrast between yin and yang as the wood tone, and expressing the simplicity and elegance of the Chinese style with simple straight lines. The soft lake blue and medium-thick earth yellow are used to make residents feel elegant and warm everywhere.

Ronald Lu & Partners
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