IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

The dance of light

by KUANMOON Interior Design

Project Description

Pure white and neutral gray are the base hues for an open, multi-layered dimension. Natural warm wood tones enhance a warm feeling throughout the space. Along with neat lines and smooth curves, they give the room tension and create a comfortable and bright living space. The living room with high ceiling is preserved, and the optimized window-to-wall ratio brings abundant natural light into the space. Glass is used as a medium to create separated spaces while keeping the connection, thus providing a sense of openness and transparency visually.
As one opens the door, the wooden trims on the white vista wall come into view. They are divided and extended straightly to eliminate the heaviness of the wall. The interior is equipped with a shoe cabinet and storage room to meet diversified storage needs. Following the curved edge into the living room, the TV wall spreads out. Featuring wooden elements as the base, the wall is recessed slightly and combined with display cabinets to create a main view of the space. With a hollowed-out middle section, the storage cabinet on the wall behind the sofa relieves the oppressive feeling of a large volume. Furnished with a black mirror, it has magnified the visual effects from every dimension. On the canopy, the rounded curves not only echo the main wall but also add an elegant texture to the square frame.
Wood adds elegance and warmth to the dining room. The dining sideboard is raised progressively with one side as the stairway. The pegboard allows the homeowner to adjust the way that collections are displayed at will, while the horizontally extended tabletop offers fully flexible storage space.
As for the two-section staircase, an internal storage space is hidden in the initial structure. After the turn, the openwork design allows light and shadow to penetrate freely. The iron handrails, painted in white, continue the tone of the public domain and improve transparency while reducing the visual weight of the volume.

KUANMOON Interior Design

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