IDPA Japan Design Award

Zone B of Rongqiao Bund in Fuzhou, Fujian Province

by Sun Xinqu

Projet Description

The large wooden background, with its authentic posture, gives the living room space a natural and textured undertone. The cotton and linen sofa enhances the comfort of the space while creating a sense of silence.
The guest house is regarded as a complete space, people's observation of nature and all things is contained, and oriental aesthetics are displayed in the space through life
A few downlights, hidden light strips, and just the right light create a classical and elegant sense of space for the room.
There is no better time than the company of children, and simple soft decoration makes the space full of childlike fun. A bed, a table, a small tent, resting in time and playing when you are busy.
The three-dimensional undulation of the wooden grille at the head of the bed is witnessed by the lamp belt. Bedside lamps with a strong sense of geometry allow a quiet warm glow to gently swim through the space.
The bathroom is separated from wet and dry, the front mirror cabinet and hand washing are more stored, and the mirror cabinet on the whole side uses reflective space to make the space feel more spacious. The wash stand is hollowed out under the storage cabinet to facilitate the placement of dirty clothing baskets and washing tools, reducing hygiene dead ends.
Not limited to the size of the area and the definition of space, feel the freedom of openness, the design makes space and time have a deeper span and depth.
Large emulsions paint and solid wood panels are combined with abundant light to make the space look elegant and comfortable.

Sun Xinqu

Member of China Architectural Decoration Association IFI
Vice president of Fuzhou Interior Designer Association
Member of Fujian Decoration Association
Name: Sun Xinqu
Working time: 2004-2022
Title: Dayue international design agency (General Manager / chief designer)
Good at style: new Chinese style, modern and simple, Hong Kong-style light luxury...... Design concept: set no interval type

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