IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Zhongjunwan Jing No. 1 Sales Department

by Kuanji architectural interior design (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Projet Description

Zhongjun Wanjing No. 1 is located in the core of Gaoxin Xiwan District, the new central core in the west of Chengdu. Relying on the unique ecological base in Qingshui River Bay District, it creatively creates an ultra-low floor area ratio residential scene of about 1.5, and focuses on the high-end life of a 4-story villa.
At the beginning of a pleasant day, there must be sunshine, plants, sitting down for a cup of coffee and thinking about life. For the construction of the exhibition area, we want to reflect the calm, warm, green eyes in life and talk about our hope for life; Therefore, we abandon too many hard metal materials, and choose wood grain in a large area to give people more warm affinity. Transparent and transparent glass bricks can borrow more soft light to make the space more flexible and transparent. The simple outline of linear lights does not dominate. The large area of terrazzo gives the space more retro tone. The green embellishment of plants makes the space more energetic, accompanied by fragrant coffee, The communication between nature and smoke and fire is enough for us to sit down quietly and enjoy time.

Kuanji architectural interior design (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

A.I.C kuanji architectural interior design was founded by a number of cutting-edge architects, space designers and independent artists. The founding members are all from well-known overseas design firms, well-known real estate companies and independent artist circles. The design team has an international concept and combines meticulous and reasonable methods to constantly explore and innovate in space design,
A.I.C is committed to providing customers with integrated design and product R & D support for architecture, interior and furnishings, and adheres to the attitude of "an art of solving problems" to provide long-term space design and product R & D consulting services for front-line real estate developers such as Greenland Group, Shimao Group, OCT Group, China railway construction real estate company, Wanda Group, rongchuang group, Zhongjun real estate, Shimao Group, Zhongliang real estate, etc. "Using design to influence and improve our life" has become the mission and unique DNA of the team.

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