IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

Kam dream weavers

by Zhao Meng lin

Projet Description

Brocade time to build a dream and wait for Fang Hua's life the most unrestrained, innocent day, build the dream for the future, until the future to show talent, realize the dream. This paragraph is the most true description of the owner, imperceptibly engraved in my heart, let me do the best emotional expression of this case, space is like a person, I hope this case can resonate with the owner.

Zhao Meng lin

After 14 years of practice, these past experiences have convinced me that design is not just art deco, but a way of thinking about life with attitude. A space, a story, a poetic life, or delicate, or simple, or quiet, or clever, a matter, after the floating world dust and smoke, beautiful and moving, I also feel the true meaning of life in the story, the pursuit of their own life.

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