IDPA Japan Design Award

Zenyi Didi Guyi Village Hotel Design

by Chengdu kuanlan yulian interior architecture design co., LTD

Projet Description

In the Heizhugou Scenic Area of Leshan City, Sichuan Province, there is a traditional and mysterious Yi village hidden in it. It has a lovely name-Didigu. Villagers have lived here for generations. Their lives are simple and peaceful, but they are also poor.
After more than a year of field investigation, the team repeatedly discussed and modified the design plan. From architecture to interior, everyone strives for perfection, from the preservation of Yi-style buildings to the decoration of bedside tables, and the control of details is almost to the extreme. For example, a transparent building is adopted, standing on the mountain, overlooking the mountains during the day, and looking up at the stars at night, blending with nature. And use the color relationship to reflect the different levels of the lobby, restaurant, book bar, guest room and other spaces, deducing the nobility's worship of nature. Another example is the interior decoration of the hotel, almost all of which use local hand-made crafts. Or it is based on materials with local hand-made imprints, and through the presentation of the natural beauty between refinement and roughness, it perfectly interprets the excellent traditions of the Yi people's diligence, simplicity, and independence.
The hotel has a total of 30 guest rooms, like scattered pearls, distributed in every corner of the village. All the buildings are all ready-made idle houses of the local villagers, which preserves the local Yi nationality to the greatest extent, while also saving construction costs. The entire hotel is completely integrated with the village. Checking in the hotel is like being in a paradise.

Chengdu kuanlan yulian interior architecture design co., LTD

法国卢浮宫酒店集团 Tulip inn 品牌合作伙伴
禅驿精品酒店设计合作伙伴 成都宽澜誉联室内建筑设计有限公司,以专注于酒店设计为主,致力于以深厚东方文化根基与人文张力为基础,进行空间建筑设计的深刻研究,具有中国及世界各知名酒店品牌室內建筑设计经验,针对不同专案的规模和难度,以全面技术、相关的技能,跨文化构筑室內建筑空间与动态情感,传承地域人文、艺术、审美,塑造一個独特多元的空间观念和视觉语言,將设计融入生活,形成可被体验的生命感受,以东方人文设计设计表达我们的理念;宽澜设计也不断贏得众多著名客戶,包括 Madison
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2019法国双面神GPDP AWARD国际设计大奖
酒店会所 银奖; 2019法国双面神GPDP AWARD国际设计大奖
美国国际创新设计大奖 地产空间 银奖;
美国国际创新设计大奖 酒店空间 银奖;
年度 TOP10国际最具影响力设计机构奖;
样板房空间 银奖;
2019第七届金创意国际空间设计大奖 民宿空间 银奖;
年度TOP10最具知名度设计机构奖; ......

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