IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Manshuiju hot spring resort & spa

by Simon,Chen

Projet Description

The design absorbs the most original nature, explores the most sincere body and mind, and pursues the power of pure nature from the environment, products and services. Return to the essence of natural creation and achieve a harmonious balance of body and mind. It will bring you a different ultimate physical and mental experience.
The space inside is not splendid but simple and elegant. The depths of this simple and elegant contain the beauty of faint and quiet. The Zen space pursues refined elegance. A faint white space gives the whole space a leisurely and simple state, which is the condensation of the implicit beauty of the East. The heavy tones combined with Chinese classical elements are full of stability and vitality. Incorporating Zen concepts and a strong atmosphere of slow life, this is the most oriental spiritual meditation reflected in the current era. Watching the blue sky and white clouds fall one by one on the water scene in front of the court, time is in a sudden, and along with the ripples blown by the wind, they are crushed and immersed in my heart. Chiseled blue stones, bright curtains, sparkling water, green blue sky...
Step into the courtyard and enjoy the incomparable butler-style service, "If the wind can understand my heart", that's all. Understand the needs, appreciate the mind, and be perfect. Ignore the chariots and the hustle and bustle, quietly enjoy the minutes and seconds here, the stars suddenly appear, the beautiful scenery in front of you, and the beloved people around you, everything is presenting the beauty of time and the joy of mood. Feel the life in the elegant and cold scenery, the new smoke from the hot springs, and the years of time, let people forget their worries, and immerse themselves in the fresh morning surrounded by mist. The mist dissipated, the bright moonlight shone thousands of miles away, the fluctuating light gleamed golden, and the quiet moon image sank into the water...


成联进(SIMON CHEN ) 毕业于云南艺术学院设计专业 云南省室内设计行业协会副会长 云南室内设计专业学术委员会委员 中国广州设计周(云南设计星评委) 贵州装饰设计行业协会专家委员会(特聘专家) 云南成联进酒店室内设计有限公司创始人/总设计师 瑞典NCS色彩学院色彩学毕业 所获荣誉: 荣获2016澳门国际大师邀请赛酒店空间类金奖 荣获2016年度金装奖工装工程类金奖 荣获2016年度排行榜十佳设计师 荣获SIDA`16 AWARD新加坡国际室内设计大奖 荣获2017年度国际空间设计大奖(艾特奖)最佳设计奖 荣获2017年度金装奖工装方案类银奖 荣获2017年度法国双面神酒店空间创新设计大奖 荣获2018年度一带一路出口中国设计,重点推荐十佳品牌人物 荣获2018年度金装奖工装方案类银奖 荣获2018年度第二届中国鲲鹏奖酒店设计大奖

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