IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo



Project Description

The son of Heaven gave hou seal, the general wear out of the light palace. ———— Wang Wei.
According to Wang Wei's poem, the Chinese "yun" is displayed with the pavilions, pavilions and the "pavilions" and "corridor".
Xuan of the yun, the rise of the gas. The combination of classical Chinese red and now luxury stone is exactly what the Chinese people pursue, which is neither busy nor idle. It is the essence embodiment of "yun".
For the general space of the sales office using Chinese multi-treasure to divide the space, to achieve the combination of virtual and real space, the size is appropriate.
Use the landscape techniques of Chinese classical gardens and the modern landscape elements to create a changeable landscape space together. Let the space both style and not depressed. Simple screen or window lattice, won't be too prosperous and tedious, increased the level of the space and aesthetic feeling however. The space has been moderately blank to reduce the visual burden of the space and create an atmospheric, concise and elegant atmosphere.
The beauty of Chinese style is in the pursuit of the road, the unity of man and nature, the harmony between man and nature, and the way of nature. The furnishings express the profound and broad, and the hard clothes complement each other.
Use the combination of cinnabar red and ochre in furniture color, and in soft decoration cloth art with goose pear yellow as auxiliary color, modulation gives to belong to Chinese style "yun".


GOS Design belongs to GOS (Tianjin) Decorative Design Co., Ltd. GOS Design takes home decoration as the principle line, soft decoration and tooling as wings, integrates development, and is dedicated to constructing a valuable Chinese interior decoration design.
Relying on high-quality design technique, strictly enforcing the high-quit requirements of the entire system, long-time period consciousness on interior design and creation and the whole case supporting carrier of soft decoration within the later level, figuring out the high-cease requirements of the entire manner, presenting customers with personalized and exclusive space, it's miles a custom designed boutique development method that GOS continually follows.
GOS has lengthy adhered to the principle of now not subcontracting and now not being affiliated. Through data era, it supervises and manages tasks all around the China, offers technology and different desires, and permits customers to enjoy the custom designed and unique layout of GOS and high-quality German craftsmanship.
GOS Design has signed cooperation agreements with more than a hundred Chinese and foreign manufacturers to this point, presenting expert answers for tens of heaps of families. It awarded with the title of Most Influential brand in Chinese Decoration design industry by the Chinese Building Decoration Association and Director Unit of China Decoration Industry Association.
From the out of doors to the interior, it's miles GOS design's careful and considerate carrier; from the inner to the outside, it is the selection that customers don't have any regrets thus far.

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