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International Design Pioneer Award



Project Description

The beauty of the Song people has both the high beauty and the deep beauty of the earth. The aesthetics of the Song Dynasty took Zen Buddhism and Neo-Confucianism, and developed the philosophical concepts of "Tao to nature" and "the main road to simplicity".
This case follows the "way of nature, nature and humanity", on the basis of respect for the traditional, the reasonable refining and optimization, the "song ya way, zen environment contracted" this theme into the soft outfit the logic of layout, the fear of nature, for humility, thus create a contains the "song ya culture" poetic habitation.
Stepping into the door, greeted by the eye is the Northern Song Dynasty "bamboo and stone map". Poetry expresses ambition, painting love, see the landscape, into the state of mind, view on the scroll into, hidden is the people's state of mind.
In the design of the teahouse, the hanging paintings of the landscape painting pavilion are softer. While returning to the east, they collide and integrate with the modern culture. With an elegant and distinctive style, it creates a luxurious and elegant way of life and builds an ideal living space. On the dining tables and chairs, soft cushions and chair backs are also added, combining the ancient life atmosphere with modern ink to build a place rich in layers and ritual, contemporary elegant people gather.
While this case highlights Song's aesthetics, it also has a functional space close to modern life. The private banquet hall takes green landscape painting as the theme scene, and the wall is mainly natural rock board, reflecting the essence of space and material, and the space where nature and human symbiosis.
Living in this fast-paced era, tired and impetuous people, they sincerely yearning for a kind of elegant life, like "song life", the thousand still the beauty of art, more flashing the light of modern civilization life aesthetics, written in this case, let a person as if back to the song dynasty, this is the charm of culture, is also the true meaning of design.


GOS Design belongs to GOS (Tianjin) Decorative Design Co., Ltd. GOS Design takes home decoration as the principle line, soft decoration and tooling as wings, integrates development, and is dedicated to constructing a valuable Chinese interior decoration design.
Relying on high-quality design technique, strictly enforcing the high-quit requirements of the entire system, long-time period consciousness on interior design and creation and the whole case supporting carrier of soft decoration within the later level, figuring out the high-cease requirements of the entire manner, presenting customers with personalized and exclusive space, it's miles a custom designed boutique development method that GOS continually follows.
GOS has lengthy adhered to the principle of now not subcontracting and now not being affiliated. Through data era, it supervises and manages tasks all around the China, offers technology and different desires, and permits customers to enjoy the custom designed and unique layout of GOS and high-quality German craftsmanship.
GOS Design has signed cooperation agreements with more than a hundred Chinese and foreign manufacturers to this point, presenting expert answers for tens of heaps of families. It awarded with the title of Most Influential brand in Chinese Decoration design industry by the Chinese Building Decoration Association and Director Unit of China Decoration Industry Association.
From the out of doors to the interior, it's miles GOS design's careful and considerate carrier; from the inner to the outside, it is the selection that customers don't have any regrets thus far.

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