IDPA Japan Design Award

Yada Yangxian Xishan Health Wellness Community Hall

by Beijing All In One Space Design Company Limited

Projet Description

The original intention of the project is to create a closer connection between the interior and exterior environment, to create a space which can promote inner peace. The space uses a large area of wood color combined with clean natural material, with minimalism and imperfect casting, to eliminate deep shadow and dull of imperfect, with simple and delicate combined, to achieve a simple and elegant beauty. The space display also maintains a principle of turning complex into simple, to build a delicate balance between "fun in things and freedom outside things".  

Beijing All In One Space Design Company Limited

Contemplation in view of everything  Experience this world in pure heart and simple mind
Founded by several young designers, design works are diversified, covering architecture, interior, display and so on. While meeting the needs of customer, we are committed to creating the unique temperament of each work.  
All in one  
In expression of space, everything is corresponding to the material space of light, color, quality and art, as well as the spiritual space composed of time, nature and humanity. We hope to integrate Oriental philosophy and contemporary aesthetics with an international perspective, and explore the relationship between man, space and nature.  Let the design find the spirit of oneself from the writing and two layers of voice dimensions to construct the atmosphere framework of the whole space, and add the story line of life aesthetics as a logical view throughout, let the design reflects a high order atmosphere invisible to the sense, only in this way, all in one.

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