IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Xinhua Upper house on the stack model room – sunrise · impression

by Tianjin Tianxi Engineering Design Co., LTD

Project Description

The design theme of this case is that the inspiration of this case comes from Monet's famous painting "Impression of Sunrise". The pink in the space is in full bloom like a light cherry blossom, dancing with the breeze, and the implantation of the right amount of golden elements and sunset orange makes the whole residence beautiful and warm. The material selection is leather art, metal and marble, which coexist with elegance and delicacy without complicated decoration. Through extreme colors, impressionism is integrated with modern light luxury, breaking the color law of traditional design, and taking visual perception as the starting point, enriching aesthetic elements and artistic vitality of our daily life in the design to express individuality, innocence and interest.

Tianjin Tianxi Engineering Design Co., LTD

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