IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Xi’an Xu Bath House

by Wen Siyu

Project Description

Ancient Chang 'an, now Xi'an. Thousands of years ago, the flourishing Tang dynasty bold and unrestrained, graceful, created a free and unrestrained, magnificent aesthetic. With the revival of traditional Chinese culture, the Xu bath house blends the ideal life of the new prosperous era into the space, reviving the magnificent and romantic Tang dynasty in the hearts of the Chinese people. The revival of the National Tide is a description of the splendid ancient culture and a homage to the profound cultural context of the past. The organic connection of historical culture and modern space makes it vivid and cordial, realizes the dialogue between the ancient and the modern, and completes a heart-to-heart exchange on the Oriental aesthetics and poetic life. Tracing back to the culture of the Tang dynasty, we can trace the style and features of the prosperous Tang dynasty from the dimensions of architecture, gardens, customs and color patterns, with the construction of space, gardening techniques, material features of the design language to make Airs of the States and contemporary life form an organic connection, and then the glory of the elegant and leisurely into the Xu Bath House.

Wen Siyu

Meigher (Shenyang) , director of space design, asia-pacific Design Tsinghua Hotel Class 14 graduates, Liaoning Ida Design Association, member of the Environmental Arts Intermediate Engineer

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