IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Huayun Real Estate Wenzhou Guanyun oriental

by Shanghai BCD Design

Project Description

“Wenzhou Huayun·Guanyun Oriental Courtyard” is a high-end residential project under Wenzhou Huayun Real Estate. The project is located in a bustling area of Wenzhou city, with a superior geographical location and convenient transportation. Inspired by Eastern culture, Huayun·Guanyun Oriental Courtyard combines modern architecture with traditional elements to create a unique and exquisite living environment. It focuses on creating a comfortable, beautiful, and personalized living environment for homeowners. Soft furnishing design plays an important role in this project, adding unique charm to the interior space.
In terms of soft furnishing design, Huayun·Guanyun Oriental Courtyard pays attention to details and personalized expression. Designers fully consider the needs and preferences of homeowners, carefully selecting furniture, fabrics, accessories, and other elements to cleverly combine modern and traditional, Eastern and Western elements, creating distinctive living spaces. Soft furnishing design not only focuses on aesthetics but also pursues practicality and comfort. Designers pay attention to furniture layout and selection to improve space utilization and functionality. At the same time, through reasonable color matching, material selection, and lighting design, a pleasant atmosphere and comfortable living experience are created for residents.
Another characteristic of Huayun·Guanyun Oriental Courtyard’s soft furnishing design is its focus on environmental protection and sustainable development. Designers choose eco-friendly materials and renewable resources, and pay attention to indoor air quality and energy conservation, providing homeowners with a healthy and sustainable living environment.

Shanghai BCD Design

Shanghai BCD Design (BCD) is a subsidiary of the globally renowned design brand PTA DESIGN. It is an organization that specializes in professional interior design services in the field of urban construction and development across the country.
Since its establishment, BCD Design has provided design and delivery services for high-end real estate, large-scale commercial complexes, five-star hotels, cultural tourism and health, urban renewal projects, and various corporate headquarters. With a proactive approach towards implementation, its service scope extends from interior design to strategic planning, space design, soft furnishing design and engineering, installation design, brand planning, and more. Operating within a professional, efficient, and systematic overall solution mechanism, BCD Design has a presence in over 50 cities nationwide, serving over 80 enterprises.
The core team of BCD Design brings together talents from diverse cultures, and the flexible management system ensures continuous creativity and passion. It consistently focuses on customer needs, leveraging an international perspective and forward-thinking design thinking to help spaces realize their commercial value and humanistic spirit, achieving a fusion of design depth and artistic experience.

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