IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Xi’an Time Valley

by ShenZhen Dejoy International Architects Co., Ltd.

Project Description

Time Valley is located in the high-tech zone in Xi’an, serving the new generation of elites. Following the concept of urban vacation, DIA establishes a benchmark for an ideal community: to create a shared public space for owners of all ages and organically combine resort hotels and community life to create an ambiance full of art, quality, and warmth of life.
The clubhouse includes swimming, fitness, entertainment, parent-child activities, and other relaxing and leisure spaces. Bounded by the horizontal axis, one half is the fitness area, while another half is the parent-child entertainment area. Connected by the circular circulation route, the two parts are connected and relatively separated by static and dynamic, concerning the sense of ritual for the adults and the entertainment for children.
The parent-child baking room is built of earth-red glazed terracotta bricks. Under the white vaulted ceiling, the outdoor light penetrates through the patio and fills the whole space. The milky strawberry pink hue fully demonstrates the warm and pleasant community atmosphere.
Avoiding an inappropriate colorful space, the interior design provides children with advanced aesthetics to enrich their sensory world instead of destroying it.

ShenZhen Dejoy International Architects Co., Ltd.

Dejoy International Architects (DIA) is a global design firm founded by designers from China and Germany. We have our design and consultant teams in Shenzhen, Shanghai in China and Herford in Germany. DIA mainly focuses on design for public space such as premium hotel, office, residence, club and commercial space. We have a long term partnership with CRland, OCT, Sunac, Merchants, Ronshine and so on. Our works include a series of master pieces in Top cities like, Shanghai Suhe creek, Sunac Beijing One Sino Park, One Shenzhen Bay, Shenzhen Swan Fort, Shenzhen The Twin Towers and more. We have gained remarkable testimonial in the interior design industry due to the great reputation and steady style of work.

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