IDPA Japan Design Award

Entry Lux Coffee Mug

by XiaoQian

Project Description

The florid aurora at high latitudes always makes viewers marveled at the wonder and miracle of the natural power. At the sight of this amazing scene, we always feel something indescribably beautiful, so we want to capture this beautiful and artistic image. As inspired by this, we have designed this Florid Aurora Mug. Its artistic and glossy texture is expected to deliver some sense of beauty and companionship to every user in spite of busy life, and this is exactly our intention.
The mug features a conical shape with a small rim and a large base, a solution presenting the florid aurora on the glaze to the extent possible. The aurora on the glaze is impossibly painted by machine, and the industrialized flow line production is believed to deprive the originality and charm, which is likely to conflict with our design intention. In this concern, we turn to the hand painting which is considered as the most primitive and purest method. Every painter has been trained for six months or more to confer a unique artistic identity to every Aurora Mug. The mug is fired at 1200° in a tunnel kiln so that the aurora color covers the surface in its entirety. The ceramic body fabricated by this technique looks smooth and better reflects the romantic glossy of the aurora, which in turn renders the aurora on each glaze flawlessly. The body is also conferred better durability, lower water absorption rate, the resistance to tea stains and the ease of washing. The mat originates from a whole piece of North American black walnut wood. The extra thick raw wood mat that retains the texture and pattern of raw wood, paired with the stirring rod made from raw wood and delicate package, makes up a whole piece of product. We expect it to be more than a mug, but deliver a sort of relaxation and happiness sourced from the ancient nature to modern people despite the mounting pressure from life and society.


Promates brand was established in 2012, insisting on the design of ceramic handicrafts with petty bourgeois feelings. It is the consistent purpose of the brand to reveal the link between people through products. Weineng Palace has a complete independent research and development capability and a rich and full product category, and its partners are international first-line brand manufacturers and suppliers.

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