IDPA Japan Design Award

The tower of light, a geometric construct of free rhapsody.

by Xingbin Yang

Project Description

The light of architecture is a kind of existence that has color, temperature, texture and depth, and influences the human spirit. Project Linjiang, located in the peninsula. The design core is in the limited space, with the light guide Ray, does the broken line in the free space, breaks the original space boundary, forms the new space order and the free artistic conception. Light forms two-dimensional lines, which combine with three-dimensional geometry to form a new spatial order. The architectural forms make use of the theory of geometric structure aesthetics, take the triangle as the motif to make geometric changes, so that the architectural forms and the site environment form a more sharp geometric composition relationship, in the limited space to create a quiet and rich space tour experience.

Xingbin Yang

Founder and Design Director of Yi ran design (Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shenyang) , Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts Design Practice Tutor, two-time German Red Dot winner Italian a' Design Gold Award winner Ida International Design Award winner Italian “Iida Award” Gold Award winner
Values: whether it is space itself, or the creation of an environmental atmosphere, the ultimate return to the source of the soul. Mr. Yang Xingbin, is committed to the meaning of life into the space design, to create a realization of the inner“Space culture.”. Through the balance of space, color and experience, we can create a permanent work with unique recognition and memory.

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