IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Winter Rock Buyer’s Shop

by Zen Zhang

Projet Description

The art of construction is the will of the times carried by space. It is dynamic, ever-changing and ever-changing. Neither yesterday nor tomorrow, only such architecture can be shaped. From the essence of the task, to shape the form in the way of our time. This is what we do -Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
The design goal of the project is simple and clear. Through clear block relationship, the spatial structure, sales function and display function are combined to simplify the structural system, simplify the structural components, and pay attention to the structural logic to produce a mobile space. Use the simplest collocation and material tiling to purify the construction form.
It is hoped that through this space as the carrier, we will try new breakthroughs, talk with customers, and realize the distinctive brand character. We hope to present an avant-garde and sharing new retail space.
The facade skin adopts industrial language Wavy aluminum plate and transparent glass, with restraint in material and scale, create a sense of building volume. At the same time, consider the site, separate from the surrounding environment at an appropriate distance, and capture the temperature of light through metal. In order to enhance the sense of existence of light, the light of the outer wall glass passes through the round hole, and the light is endowed with the change of the blocks, deepening the connection between the blocks in the space.
Walk through the long and narrow "cylinder" to enter the house and sell in the vestibule, which adds a sense of volume and gives people a field conversion experience in the architectural space.
Through the connection between the "device" blocks in the space, the penetration between the front selling space and the moving line is completed. The space is endowed with more possibilities, and the sales space and exhibition space are combined. Through the free relationship between the volumes, the space will be more playable and have different visual experience when entering the space.
The waste stone is integrated into the building structure
Look for the stone and stone waste left by abandoned mines, make them continue their own value and architectural logic, and feel the trace of time; A good space should be the harmonious unity of the relationship between different materials, and unify the same logic in the expression of space.
The starting point of this time is to treat the material itself, who it wants to be and how it should be treated. The starting point is inspired and influenced by Wang Peng. Respect the properties of the material itself
The design uses a variety of metal blocks and some smart elements, recombination and extension of pure metal material, in the form of avant-garde art; With the local orange-red ribbon will form subtle details visual impact.
Glass, water, stone, steel This is the reorganization and construction of the design elements advocated by Mies. Through the superposition of stainless steel metal rods and layers of array, the order brings a sense of ceremony.
Take 2F exhibition area as a space material for more thorough exposure, as a preliminary attempt to "honest aesthetics". Glass, stone, steel and other materials plus Use in space design, structure, function and practicality as the goal, and combine the naked and leaky structure with the space device on site.
For skeleton architecture, Mies gave up adding "meaningless" artistic forms in exchange for a "better aesthetics", just like young Nietzsche's liquidation of Historicism: "take off your coat and show your true face!" Only "more ideas than materials" can achieve this goal: "the goal of our task is often simple and clear. Only by understanding it and starting design can we bring excellent construction solutions.

Zen Zhang

Chilang Design Office - Founding Principal
Since 2014, he has been working in the interior design industry and has worked for SLD, GAR-T and other design agencies. During his tenure, he won the ICONIC AWARDS 2020 German Iconic Innovative Architecture Design Award for his creative agency, and the I-DING AWARD 2019 International Design Award - Silver Award.
Project won.
2021 France Double Sided God GPDP AWARD TOP100 | International Influential Innovative Designer
Economy Class BBQ CLUB project won 2021 France GPDP AWARD | International Innovation Award
2021 Asia Pacific Design Asia-Pacific Union of Space | Emerging Designers
ICONIC AWARDS 2020 Germany Iconic Innovative Architectural Design Award for Selected Projects
I DING AWARD 2019 International Design Award - Aydin Award Silver Award

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