IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Xiang Song


Projet Description

Design description: Hunan Province is the earliest rice-growing area in China. With the theme of "A Feast in the Rice Fields", Xiangsong puts traditional culture into the dining space around the themes of "The World's Granary" and "Dongting Fish and Rice Township" , To bring people a quiet dining environment with a sense of quality and enjoy the joy of harvest.
The outdoor door of Xiangsong is pressed into golden "straw" with aluminum sheets, and the golden rice field is laid out with simulated ears of rice indoors, and the dining table is surrounded by it, creating a scene of harvest in autumn. The rice-themed farming cultural elements are displayed in a museum display. The design elements such as rammed earth walls and fishing net lights have been transformed by modern artistic methods. Under the simple concept of pragmatism, the original scenery of the natural landscape is reproduced.

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