IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

Whispers of the Gentle Wind

by Chris Li

Project Description

The clients are a couple passionate about Japanese style, along with their child, who wish for every moment of family life to be filled with joy and warmth. They seek a practical yet cozy design, particularly focusing on the quality of life and emotional value for the family members, while also desiring furniture and decorations that exude an artistic flair. Through the designer's thoughtful design, they aim to create a comfortable space that embodies modern Japanese minimalism while meeting the daily needs of the family. Amidst the fast pace of life, they yearn to find peace and tranquility when returning home.
Designer Chris deeply understands and respects the clients' needs, ultimately creating a warm, practical space filled with modern Japanese aesthetics. Firstly, Chris adopts wood and white as the primary color scheme, emphasizing Japanese minimalism and emotional expression through meticulous details. To ensure practicality, the design incorporates tatami, wooden flooring, and wood paneling, cleverly arranging storage space to meet the family's needs. Innovative design elements, such as the ceiling in the leisure area simulating the skylight effect created by traditional Japanese wooden beams and the wardrobe's ceiling mimicking the sloped design of old buildings, bring a modern sensibility while preserving traditional Japanese aesthetics. Chris's goal, with his unique aesthetic vision, is to craft a comfortable and beautiful home for each family, showcasing the clients' personality and their pursuit of a high-quality life. Each of Chris's designs is highly personalized, eschewing fixed templates for bespoke creations that integrate the clients' interests and hobbies, ultimately presenting a design case that fully reflects the clients' aesthetic taste and pursuit of an enhanced quality of life.

Chris Li

Chris Li – A Post-90s Designer Who Loves to Glow
Chris Li is a post-90s designer known for his radiating creativity. Before 2021, he embarked on a business venture in Sydney, Australia, working for five years in brand design and marketing. His frequent travels between South Korea and Australia exposed him to a blend of cultures, fostering an expansive vision and infinite creativity, and gradually shaping his unique artistic aesthetic.
Throughout Chris Li’s exploration and exposure to design cultures around the world, he amassed a rich experience in interior design, gaining insight into the limitless creativity of international designers. This ignited his desire for interior design. After returning to China in 2021, he took a chance to delve into interior design for the first time. In 2022, he founded his namesake brand, Chris Design, and established Chris Li Creative Interior Design Studio, embarking on a brand-new design journey.
Back in his home country, Chris Li continues to dedicate himself to researching the latest global techniques and innovative materials, grasping interior design trends, and translating them into his unique design elements. His design pursuits, favoring ambiance and minimalist aesthetics, and the ingenious use of new materials, masterful lighting design, and color control, have become his personal signatures. The notion of “loving to glow” has evolved into Chris Li’s distinct design language. He excels in uncovering the hidden brilliance in seemingly ordinary materials, giving a different sense of light to mundane spaces, and integrating avant-garde fashion art into contemporary interior design. He breathes new life into each space and bestows it with a personalized identity.

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