IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

West side international clubhouse – Hui·Earthly

by Zhu Zanhao

Projet Description

The famous Indian poet and philosopher Tagore once said: "Let me pick up the scattered light and shadow from the dust and build a tiny world with the shimmer of colored illusions." The designer of this program was deeply touched by this sentence, so that he had this next story
Design is not only a simple space creation, but also a fun exploration process. Designers skillfully use the top-level advantages of the space to inject the pursuit of openness and freedom into the space with a sense of order, giving people a sense of pragmatism and ease. It seems to be divided into non-divisions, and the spatial relationship between the separation and non-separation is obtained to achieve the interest of permeability in the surrounding and the space in the space, and enrich the sense of spatial hierarchy. Through the processing of details and the selection of materials, the relationship and proportion of each space are interpreted more distinctly, and the texture of glass and light is formed with the wall material to form a strong contrast between virtual and real, and enhance the change and feeling of light and shadow.
First of all, the space is divided into two layers, and on the first floor, the designer uses the design technique of the space to show its horizontal and depth. The use of water-patterned bricks and rainbow glass adds a hazy and confusing color and creates a rich color layer in the interior. It also integrates the element rich in traditional Chinese cultural colors, taking nature as the best, the colors are elegant and clear, and the sense of balance is rich.
The floor-to-ceiling glass and outdoor landscape in the space connect the distant mountains and near the water, wandering between the clouds and waters, pursuing a purer artistic expression, forming a unique surreal contemporary life style and design context, while allowing the owner to feel the quiet flowing time, which is also a silent value resonance. There is a Chinese poem called "Outside the rivers and the earth, the mountains are in the middle", and this space perfectly presents the artistic conception of the poem.
Step up the stairs to the second space, where the lines transcend reality, sublimating the aesthetic contours and blending the delicate streamlines with nature. Under the dark gray color tone, it is placed into the contemporary low-key luxury furniture, using the transparent texture and rough texture of different materials such as marble and metal, forging a staggered visual layer and sense of quality, so that it blooms in the change of light and shadow
The space uses stone, wood and metal, and adds a very jumpy soft decoration, supplemented by lighting, which skillfully integrates indoor and outdoor elements, and the collision of modern and traditional elements has achieved this work

Zhu Zanhao

Zhu Zanhao Design Office Brand Host Creative Director
Founder of Neihe Neizhu Design Institute, Executive Director, Creative Director
Contemporary interior designer architect consultant
Polytechnic of Milan, Italy, majoring in Design Management and Luxury Space
Shenzhen Research Institute of Qinghua University majored in Space Design and Art
A pioneer in contemporary Chinese interior design
China's Top 100 Design Figures of the Year
Professional tutor of interior design of China Vocational Education Department

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