IDPA Japan Design Award

The Twilight Sky

by Xingshi design studio

Project Description

Lines and frames are interwoven in the space, creating a unique and elegant silhouette for the home. Since the homeowner has been living abroad for a long time due to his work, the house has become a place to relax and vacation after returning home and a gathering place for family and friends. With the designer’s ingenuity, the structural features of the residence's floor-in-floor, combined with the six-meter-high iron framed sliding doors, create a modern resort house of Italian-style luxury, showing an epic style.
Upon entering the house, one will find the warm sunlight invoked through the floor-to-ceiling windows, which, combined with the high ceiling design of the living room, creates a spacious and bright feeling. The six-meter-high floor-to-ceiling windows and the iron frame on the top of the house set off the residence’s grandeur while allowing the natural light to intertwine and disperse, creating a rich and varied spatial atmosphere. In addition, the designer chose wood veneer, stone, and imported tiles to pave the ample space, supplemented by iron and titanium-plated metal details to create a visual hierarchy and a sense of inner luxury. In addition, considering the function and smoothness of the space, the living room is not designed with a traditional TV wall but with an extensive screen configuration so that the residents can adjust it according to their needs. When not in use during the day, the screen can be stowed in the ceiling to create a spacious space for gatherings and activities, while when the screen is lowered, it can be used to enjoy a stunning cinema-like effect.
The marble staircase is an essential element linking the multiple floors; the designer uses thick marble with light gray glass and invisible linear lights to show the magnificence and texture of large-scale installation art, which becomes the finishing touch of the space and expresses luxury. Up the stairs, the ceiling of the second-floor sitting area is designed with a stainless-steel water ripple ceiling and LED lighting strips, creating a shimmering texture on the surface, bringing a dynamic spatial aesthetic and a new dimension luxury to the space.
Moving slowly to the primary bedroom, one will notice that the dark earth color is planned as the primary spatial focus, creating a quiet and calm resting atmosphere. The 180-degree rotatable TV wall and fireplace design quietly divide the bedroom from the lounge area, keeping the space interactive and bright. Additionally, the warm wood, textured leather, lattice lines, and stone tiles are stacked and interlaced to reflect the high style and taste of the residents.
Individuals pursue a beautiful life experience and feel satisfied with comfortable and beautiful feelings. Home is the existence of tangible space and intangible emotion. The design team’s fantastic spatial design meets the homeowner's family's needs and ideas, and an exclusive family memory is beautifully constructed.
With the rising awareness of environmental protection, for this project, the designer follows the standard of green building materials, using woodworking formaldehyde remover and materials that are easy to clean and organize to ensure the safety and health of the residents. In addition, LED lights are installed as the main lighting equipment in the room to achieve energy saving and carbon reduction through low energy consumption and high power. Moreover, extravagant stone slab tiles reduce dust generated during construction and indirectly prevent air pollution.

Xingshi design studio

Xingshi design studio believes that every room is a container with its purpose and strives to bring life into each space.

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