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International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Vanke nantong jadeite first place sales center


Projet Description

Haimen City, Jiangsu Province, known as the "gateway to the sea" is located at the mouth of the Yangtze River, across the river from Shanghai. Zhang Jiuling, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, wrote in his poem "Wangyue Huaiyuan", "The moon is born on the sea, and the world is at this time". Following the design concept of Vanke Jadeite Oriental Habitat and brand new aesthetics, the starting point of the design is "poems of love, elegance of nature". In the interior design of Vanke Jade One's sales office, MAUDEA DESIGN borrowed the poem to integrate the "ancient", "present" and "future" of Haimen into the space.
Entering the open academic courtyard, passing through the serene courtyard with winding paths, passing through the corridor and in front of you is the main building of the sales office.
"Remember" ancient culture
With the large-span and high-scale spatial characteristics of the building and the thousand-year history of Haimen, MAUDEA DESIGN decided to adapt to local conditions to create a stylish, elegant and luxurious gathering place for the current urban elites in Haimen. Inheriting the spatial layout of the axisymmetric four-entry courtyard in the traditional architecture, the "Haimen Cultural Residence" is embedded in it. Manage the "order" of space and time, create the "potential" of space!
The welcoming pre-reception area is the first space for guests to enter. The tall and narrow space scale, natural black hole stone walls, and modern cutting techniques of marble lighting are inlaid layer by layer, as if they are in the ocean of scrolls, the golden rice art installation at the end, and the mysteriously opened high wooden doors all reflect A strong historical and cultural accumulation.


Wally Mau has more than 20 years of interior design experience, led the MAUDEA design team to walk in the forefront of the interior design ndustry, with its visionary and determined design concept, guiding the development of MAUDEA. He has always believed that innovation is based on the perfect imagination of customer needs.Therefore, every contact with a new design project, Wally from the beginning of the design of the project began to participate, and adhere to the full participation, attention to every detail, its rich experience so that many problems can be solved. Wally has been working with the real estate group to maintain good communication and coordination, fully understand their needs, to achieve the perfect combination of form and function, access to the owners and the industry a high degree of recognition.
wards in recent years: American MUSE International Design 2020
Platinum Award ;
2020 Italian A International Design Gold Award ;
2020 British OPAL Design Award Winners;

Silver Award, London Design Awards 2019;
Gold Award, Asia Pacific Space Design Awards 2019;
American Architects Awards 2019 Award winners;
French "GPDP AWARD" International Design Gold Award "2019;
Gold Award of Korea K-DESIGN Design Awards 2018;
Japan IDPA International Design Award 2018;
2018, the 13th "Golden Beach" Award sales office space category excellence award;
Real Estate Gold Plate Awards 2018 Best Display Space Award;
idea-tops Art Award 2018 Best Display Space Award;
idea-tops Art Award 2017 Best Display Space Award;

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