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International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

“Wending Tianrui” Private Club

by Pan zi li

Project Description

Project Name | "Wending Tianrui" Private Club · Field and Charm.
Project Address | Fuzhou, China.
Project area | 600 square meters.
Creative Design | Pan Zili and Lin Xiangqi.
Design Team | Zhang Gong, Yang Yang, Chen Rong, Chen Mingqiang, Wang Junjie, Pan Hongwei.
Project Construction | Fujian Shangcheng Decoration.
Completion time | December 2023.
The "Wending Tianrui" private club is located in the core area of Upper and Lower Hangzhou in Fuzhou. It is an important birthplace of the "Fujian business spirit" in Fuzhou and one of the important nodes of the Maritime Silk Road. The space is dedicated to spreading and promoting its representative culture, providing an elegant and meaningful exchange venue, and a benchmark attribute for gathering commercial resources that lead the trend of the times.
Creating a unique and restrained atmosphere in space, returning to a peaceful state, creating a better space for people to focus on.
The definition of the Eastern impression is not only limited to the representation of symbols, but also to the creation of an atmosphere for spatial construction. The techniques of restricted free construction, including enclosure, penetration, and breaking through and re blending, highlight the shaping of light and shadow in the construction. The brewing of a tranquil "field" is the core of constructing Eastern aesthetics, perfectly integrating the spirit of the Eastern field with the aura of space, whether it is quiet or hidden All of this conveys a seemingly plausible perception. At the same time, it also integrates architectural language symbols, conveying a new form of contemporary Eastern aesthetics and endowing space with more attributes. Entrance | Relaxed and captivating.
The turning relationship of the entrance, the use of architectural language to enhance the sense of ritual in the space, while also extending the space, makes the main space hidden inside the space. The tea tasting area in the distant hall creates a stronger desire for knowledge, the narrow corridor creates a strong mysterious color in the space, and the spatial logic of seeing the big from the small makes the space feel strong. A kind of unintentional design logic is constantly emphasized and repeated in the space, forming a subtle spatial context. The lobby | leisurely and lively, with a lively atmosphere.
The hall of the clubhouse space is the most commonly used area. In terms of space design, we maximize the location of the hall. At the same time, the whole french window of the hall are linked to the outdoor space, so that the external landscape and the interior complement each other. As well as the sculpture and colorful stairs on the second floor, it increases the tea tasting experience and interaction of the overall atmosphere of the tea tasting area. At the same time, functional cabinets are set up in the channel to increase the sense of privacy of the space while making the overall service more quality, creating a casual space taste and charm.
Activity area | spatial field.
In the design of the space, we have blurred the definition of the Eastern impression of the tea space, weakened the expression of symbols, and more expressed the concept that tea culture has no borders. Our intention is to create more integration and possibilities, create a blurred boundary, and let the experiencer better enjoy the fun brought by the space. At the same time, we are searching for the changes in natural light in space, covering it in an array that reflects light and shadow in half. With the changes of day, night, and season, this place is filled with the romantic flow of time, creating various moving images for us.
Business Reception Area | Calm and Liberation.
While creating a calm business atmosphere in the overall space, we hope to create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere in the venue, and we believe that conflict is the most appropriate way to achieve results. Creating different fields and environmental transformations through form and lighting, liberating the calmness of space. It is this sense of uncertainty that constantly blends and separates the space, creating a sense of entanglement. While emphasizing the privacy of space, it also creates different scenes and emotions when people wander in the space. The dim lighting environment emphasizes that human events in the space are the core of the design. A new hedonism
Private Room | Love and Friendship.
In terms of private room design, complexity is simplified, and extravagance is rejected, giving people a visual sense of "stillness" and "purity". Gathering in a secluded and elegant private room, enjoying the hot and fragrant taste, blending all the flavors of the world into poetic and picturesque atmosphere. The hazy and blended lighting creates a perfect atmosphere, enhancing the sense of ritual and experience of dining. The appropriate spatial scale and undisturbed comfort allow poetry to flow in conversation, leaving lasting memories in the heart.

Pan zi li

Fujian Interior Designer Association - Youth Designer Committee - Deputy Director China Architectural Decoration Association - Person of the Year in Chinese Design 2020 China International Design Week - Fuzhou Villa Design - Top 10 Brand Figures 2019 Jintang Award (Fujian) Interior Designer General Evaluation List Best Villa Space Design Award of the Year; Silver Award at the 12th China International Biennale of Interior Design; Bronze Award at the 5th Macau "Golden Lotus Cup" International Design Masters Invitational; Nomination for the 5th French Double Faced God "GPDP AWARD" International Design Competition; The 8th Interior Design Space Elite Invitation Competition Villa Space Design Award of Xinghe Third Space; The Silver Award for Residential Decoration Space at the 7th China International Space Design Competition.

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