IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Structured Narrative

by Wang chen

Project Description

The relocation of Shine-V Interior Design's office address means the beginning of a new story, located under the Nanjing City Wall. Viewing the tall buildings and ancient walls, the past events of Jinling are constantly reflected in your eyes as light and shadow intertwine. With a cup of coffee, it is as if time has stood still, feeling the intersection of history and era. The first thing you see is the facade created with dots, lines and surfaces.
Through INTERNATIONAL DESIGN PIONEER AWARD 2023 the combination and matching of lines, color blocks and materials, the overall appearance is full of rationality and purity, just like a compositionalist plane painting. The black facade of the main body contrasts with the white color of the original building, and the window on the left side is the external window of the Coffee Shop, while the delicate outdoor awning presents the changes of light and shadow throughout the day. The design of the logo at the entrance not only helps to publicize the brand image, but also serves as a guide, and the induction door meets a variety of application scenarios. On the other side of the floor-to-ceiling windows, the excess window frames are removed, and the blinds outline the beautiful light and shadow. Not only during the day, the night is also cozy, above the design of the light strip, the soft light fully spread, the evening breeze blowing through very pleasant. The leisure seats outside the coffee bar are casual and lazy, different forms to meet the needs of diversified experience, and explore the ideal state of space. Into the interior space, still continue the outdoor tone, black for the main color of the coffee area, but also with the important reference of the internal office space division. Back against the wall, there is a card seat, equipped with two Shine-V designer models of wooden stools, highlighting the practicality. On the other side of the coffee house through the ground elevation and cabinet enclosure to make the overall sense of construction stronger, two bar stools with sharp lines, to provide customers with a quiet area for leisure. The whole office space is made of logs, with natural texture and micro-cement finesse, creating a simple and powerful work of art. The open office area removes unnecessary decorations and uses logs to the fullest extent. The top lighting continues the sense of composition and combines harmoniously with the vertical support body, possessing simple modelling and rigorous structure.
The three negotiation rooms on the left side are elevated and wrapped in wood to enhance the hierarchy, and the integration of glass partition and paper film chandelier makes the space lighter and more transparent. Following the office area inwards, the more private offices are reached, implying the symbiosis and boundaries between the inside and the outside, the private and the open. The design of the staircase continues the compositionalist character, high and low, virtual and real to achieve unity here, wooden treads and wall micro-cement collision of warm colours. A relaxation area is designed under the staircase, with a wall lamp for warmth and healing, to meet the waiting needs of customers who come to the company for consultation. The left and right staircases lead to different spaces, one side for the director's office, by retaining the sloping roof structure more sense of composition, the door first set up a negotiation area, leather sofas plus a few seats, floor lamps are also for the overall tone of the score, the space inside the desk, glass desktop plus wooden support to show the beauty of the fusion of natural materials and modern design, the rear row of short cabinets are practical and beautiful, to form a more enriched visual experience. On the other side of the staircase, an open plan meeting room allows for more versatility. Exposed pipework retains the original structure of the space, balancing the old with the new, while creating a comfortable single office for the designer. The staircase at the far end provides access to the top floor, making for a high utilisation of space. The overall design is guided by "Compositionalism", summarising and refining, simplifying the complexity, and giving the space a unique sense of aesthetics through balance, contrast and hierarchy

Wang chen

Wang Chen graduated from China Academy of Art, Founded Shine-V Interior Design in late 2010. Continuously improve personal design skills while growing with the company, We are always looking for continuous innovation and the ability to bring projects to fruition, creating countless projects. And lead the team every year in the Nanjing region and surrounding areas throughout the year service design + construction of more than 200 projects on the ground, as well as many off-site pure design projects, access to owners consistent high praise. Meanwhile, in the course of 13 years of development, we have led our team to win numerous awards at home and abroad.

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