IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Wan Chu Coffee

by 16.A.DesignCrew

Projet Description

Located in the quaint street of Keelung Shipyard, Wan Chu Coffee’s warm glows bring vitality to the old residential area. Once an important transport hub, it has witnessed the place from the prosperity and decline. Standing in the drab old neighborhood, you can feel the relentless impact of the changing times. Wan Chu, however, adds modern lines and media to the original exposed appearance. With the old city story as the background story, through the turbulence, collision and conflict between old and new, the sad vicissitudes and feebleness are removed, and the new charm of the space is revealed.
Large floor-to-ceiling windows replace the existing concrete wall. The curved window grilles are made of iron to tell a great nostalgic tale. The exterior design embeds sparks of old and new. Like a lighthouse, a light on the wall creates a lot of warmth and gives travelers a sense of stability.
Combined with the rough texture of the concrete walls that have faded over time, the original stone flooring and building structure in the café makes it an epitome of the weathered town between different tensions. But with the cladding of leather accessory, hide and wood, a strong visual pulse is woven between wilderness and fineness.
Large curved bar is a symbol of contemporary design, with a high contrast between the smooth flowing lines and the unrestrained peeling walls, emphasizing the coexistence and integration between generations and embodying "never forget your roots" attitude. At the same time, the barista's professionalism is conveyed by the smooth and neat lines. The soft warm light pours out from the lower edge of the bar, and a mellow silent atmosphere is mixed in the obscure light and shadow, creating a peaceful sense of belonging for travelers.
Elevated flooring delineates the work area. Black and white mosaic tiles extend upward from the floor to form the background of the shelves. The storage cabinets and shelves are stacked with old wood to bring a sense of age. The staircase structure is kept intact on purpose, while the backbone is strengthened to ensure safety. The rejuvenation of the bar and the staircase are rich in history, and a new chapter is written through passing down of heritage.


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