IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

China wine world

by Shen Qian

Projet Description

【Business Ideas】 The only alcoholic culture and alcoholic tourism destination in China
【Design concept】The water gives t blooming beauty and softness gives tension, through, we shock people's hearts and makes people feel the existence of nature by the language of architecture. In my works, water is always an important element that soaks space from boredom.
The eyes of beer: the eyes of world beer, like introducing water, a drops of good beer on the earth, blooms countless alcoholic molecules, splits pearl after Pearl, and starts the journey of a drop of good alcoholic on the earth.
Injecting the extraordinary into the most ordinary environment, and there is a dialogue between space and time, people can feel the beer, and let them get a wonderful experience of the separated world about the time.
The artistic shape of hops is like a variant thing from another world, which enables people to acquire knowledge with strange language.
【Color application】 In the absolute dark space, a huge beer barrel, a small bright from a little drop water, which can good reflect the light sense of the huge world earth and water drops...The ultimate color, bronze reflects the beauty of machinery, and green conveys the coolness and sweetness of beer...
【Circulation design】 Chinese wine world is not as distant, serious and untouchable as traditional museums. Each dynamic line is free, and the people relationship and the relation of people and environment is the most critical part for the design concept in this project. The beauty of architecture is to show the charm of wine and let people here to get experience spiritual and spiritual pleasure in another way.
Chinese wine world is an abstract,pure,creating the combination of geometry and art space. which makes the human spirit find a place to get pleasure.
This is a paradise for the wine lovers and a new urban territory for people to get spiritual pleasure.

Shen Qian

Shen Qian, an internationally renowned designer in France
Shen Qian lives in France and has been recognized by the international design community for her great creative design ability. The president of the French Academy of design - specially presented [French double faced God "gpdp Award" International Design Award - international designer Ambassador] [one of the Top100 most internationally influential innovative designs in France]. Shen Qian Bocci is a Chinese designer with great artistic talent, She proposed to "interpret Chinese national elements with diversified innovative design". She is good at the combination of light and shadow and art space, and led the international team to design many large-scale urban cultural and tourism projects. She is an extremely popular designer today.
In recent years, the interior design awards received internationally include:
(Japan) 2018 IDPA international pioneer design award - Club Space - Silver Award
(Japan) 2018 first SINO Japanese international design culture exchange Ambassador
(France) 2017 French GPDP Award International Design Award
Hotels and clubs - International Innovative Design Award
(France) Top100 most internationally influential innovative designs of France International
(USA) 2018 global Chinese Model Designer Award
(USA) The "special certificate of honor of the United States government" by the California government of the United States
(China) 2017 China JINTANGPRIZE Interior Design Award -Outstanding retail space Work Award
(China) 2017 IDEA-TOPS Award for outstanding works
(China) 4040 excellent young designers
(China) 2018 golden creativity International Space Design Competition for College Students - specially invited design practice tutor of the International Organizing Committee
(France) French GPGD Award International Design Award -- international designer Ambassador
(China) International Space Design Award - Golden Creativity Award - outstanding female designer
The works designed by Shen Qian combine the integration of French modern language and Chinese traditional culture, and make creative design in the visual and cultural integration design. Under the leadership of Shen Qian, the BOCCI FR Design studio participated in architectural projects, public space, hotel design, schools and exhibitions, and work hard to retain Chinese elements and French style. The design studio attached importance to the traditional spirit of cooperation rather than specialization. She is a Chinese designer with international influence.

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