IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by 2ERO Interior Design

Project Description

The scope of this project encompasses the renovation of a private residence. Given the distinctive layout featuring intersecting beams and limited ceiling height, the designer has chosen to employ a rounded curvature technique for the ceiling as a finishing touch. This design envelops the beams, mitigating the feeling of spatial confinement and achieving a visually uncluttered and gentle effect. Furthermore, in consideration of the household composition, which includes elderly members and young children, all furniture and cabinet corners have been adapted with curved edges to establish a soft, secure environment conducive to individuals of all ages. The overall ambiance of the residence adheres to a minimalist Scandinavian style, leveraging rounded curves to create a gentle visual impact, thereby transforming the previously cramped interior into a comfortable and invigorating home environment.
In the interior space, the communal living area embodies a simplistic Scandinavian aesthetic characterized by a palette of white, gray, and natural wood tones. The ceiling features a graceful inward curve, while the cabinet corners within the living room are rounded to mitigate the risk of familial injury. To prevent the room from feeling confined, recessed lighting has been employed, affording inhabitants a heightened perception of spatial freedom. Furthermore, the designer has ingeniously incorporated a concealed lamp slot behind the sofa and TV wall, casting a softer illumination that augments the visual depth of the space.
Upon ascending the stairs to the private living area, one will observe the integration of the bedroom desk and bookcase into a unified unit. The strategically positioned desk, situated in front of a window, ensures an optimal lighting environment for reading or working. To accommodate the requirement for reduced light during rest, adjustable organ curtains have been incorporated. Additional storage space is provided by cabinets flanking the desk, with one featuring ventilated door cabinets and an open hanging area to maximize functionality. In another bedroom, expansive floor-to-ceiling windows enhance both lighting and ventilation. A floating desk, characterized by reshaped corners in a semi-circular arc, is utilized as a study table, affording residents increased maneuverability while ensuring their safety.
In order to establish a secure and healthy residential environment, the designer has employed low formaldehyde latex paint, renowned for its anti-mold, superior water resistance, stain resistance, and anti-bacterial properties. These qualities serve to augment the moisture resistance and protective attributes of the entire wall. Additionally, the flooring is adorned with SGS-certified natural wood veneer boards, distinguished for their remarkable resistance to deformation and cracking, as well as their exceptional durability, thereby ensuring sustainable use. Furthermore, the system cabinets in the living spaces and bedrooms are crafted from "Green Furniture," utilizing non-toxic and secure raw or processed materials, thus fostering a tranquil atmosphere for the residents.

2ERO Interior Design

Our company has been operating in the heart of Taipei City since 2006, specializing in "urban renewal" and "long-standing dangerous preowned residence renovation". It involves planned redevelopment and land utilization while introducing new concepts, methods, aesthetics, safety, and lifestyles. This approach can replace old apartments, provide convenient living for the elderly, enhance fire and disaster relief, improve the seismic capacity of old communities, and boost the living function of old buildings. Furthermore, it can enhance the safety and quality of living for the public and give a new look to the city landscape, thus restoring people's reliance on buildings and revitalizing the city with a new impression.

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