IDPA Japan Design Award

Tuscan style in the countryside

by Song Yinghui

Project Description

This case is a single-family villa. The villa near the lake has good air environment and a large area of garden. This room is very neat, entry round staircase, round top highlights the original Tuscan style. Basically maintain the design style of the original structure.The owner spends most of his time in Japan, and is very fond of simple, primitive, and fake old things. Throughout the design elements, the use of carbon wood, burnt marble, antiquary brick, cultural stone to create the entire relaxation space. Tuscan architecture is an idyllic garden style, with shadows, fountains, walls, courtyards, ironwork, shutters and balconies, and even the vines on the partitions.The design focuses on the inspired use of lines, shapes and colour blocks.

Song Yinghui

Shenyuan space design director designer
15 years of experience
Graduated from the Department of Environmental Art Design
Interior designer of China Interior Decoration Association
Director Designer of Shenyuan Architectural Decoration Design Co., LTD
Major honors:
2013: The first prize of Shenyuan Cup Design Competition
2014: Shanghai Shenyuan Space Design Outstanding Designer
2015: Outstanding Designer of Shanghai Shenyuan Space Design
2016 Won: Shanghai Shenyuan Space Design Top 10
In 2017, won: Shanghai Shanyuan Space Design Top 10
2018 won: Shanghai Shanyuan Space Design Top 10
2019 Won: Shanghai Shanyuan Space Design Top 10
2020 Won: Shanghai Shenyuan Space Design Top 10
2018: The First Yishu Cup: Gold Medal
2021: The Fourth Yishu Cup: The Heavenly Horse Flying Prize
2022: The 5th Yishu Cup: Real Case Award

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