IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

LiangShe Night banquet

by Kieferzapfen Design

Project Description

Design Philosophy
Creating an extraordinary Chinese aesthetic experience
The aesthetics of mood and sensual experience as discussed by Zhang Zao of the Tang Dynasty, is the exact Chinese aesthetic experience that Liangshe is dedicated to creating. Chinese art attaches importance to the mapping of the subjective life mood and objective natural scenery. In the midst of the seemingly imaginary and non-imaginary, both unreal and real, the space is used to create emotions and transcend the form.
The whole space is like a traditional Chinese mansion. The designer uses the "realm-making" technique of Chinese aesthetics. Combining contemporary design concepts and high-tech equipments, as well as a unique and clever dynamic line to connect all functional areas, Liangshe thus creates an unexpected dining experience.
Project Description
Liangshe is a cross-border innovative cultural experience space with an area of 1,000 square meters. As the world's first immersive cultural and sensory restaurant, the project is based on the concept of the prosperous Tang dynasty and integrates traditional Chinese culture, food, music, dance, theatre and modern multi-media forms. Through the intersection of art and technology, the six senses of "eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind" are recreated to construct a profound and subtle sensory and conceptual experience. By combining avant-garde culinary creativity with high-tech methods and visuals and music, Liangshe provides users with an unspeakable ultimate enjoyment and sensory experience.

Kieferzapfen Design

As the benchmark of creative design and cross-border innovation in China, Kieferzapfen Design was founded in 2006, formerly Hande InterCulture GmbH in Hamburg, Germany. The founder and Design Director of the company are both returning designers from Germany. Kieferzepfen Design has accumulated rich experience in comprehensive creative design and user experience. It has developed into a diversified and comprehensive design agency that integrates design services and user experience research.
Keiferzapden Design team adhere to the international vision and professional design execution for domestic and foreign customers, providing services from interior design, technology innovation to multimedia vision of the overall design. In recent years, Kieferzapfen Design is dedicated to apply high-tech intelligence and fashion concepts to commercial spaces. The company has won numerous domestic and international awards in the interior / product design category.
The company's wholly-owned multimedia-immersive cultural sensory restaurant — Liangshe — promotes and expresses Chinese culture through the combination of multimedia high-tech means and modern fashion concepts.

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