IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

TREESSUN Designer-Channel Experience Hall


Project Description

This project involves the creation of an immersive experience center for Treessun, a wood floor brand, showcasing their flagship category, “high-end solid wood flooring,” under the name JIMMY SUN. The primary objective is to establish a brand retail terminal that seamlessly combines humanistic care, aesthetic imagination, and commercial value. To achieve this, the design team meticulously considers the product positioning and the aesthetic preferences of the target audience, using the brand’s story as the creative foundation. Drawing inspiration from the organic growth of grass and trees over time, the design team effectively conveys the brand image through the representation of different tree forms during each season, symbolizing “sprout in spring, thrive in summer, harvest in fall, and store nutrition in winter".
By employing curatorial design thinking, the team crafts an immersive and captivating environment centered around the concept of cyclical ecology. The facade design, inspired by the brand’s philosophy of “finding inspiration under sunlight”, produces through different angles mesmerizing interplays of light and shadow that evolve throughout the day, from sunrise to sunset. Within the “vernal awakening” area, a stainless steel ceiling embellished with water ripple patterns imparts a visually fluid interplay of light and shadow. The surrounding Nordic ecological vegetation landscape envelops visitors, fostering a profound connection to nature and arousing their curiosity to explore the interior space. The “summertime growth" segment showcases an arrangement of wood displays that create a dynamic rhythm, akin to strolling through a vibrant and flourishing forest. During the abundant autumn season, artistic exhibitions highlight a rich variety of colors, textures, and mosaic patterns, bestowing visitors with a visually layered experience. Lastly, the “winter’s storage” space, characterized by soothing blue tones, cultivates a tranquil atmosphere, beckoning consumers to find solace in the ever-changing scenery and appreciate the multifaceted beauty of trees throughout the four seasons.
Through the implementation of artistic design language, this project facilitates a vivid and harmonious interaction between the space, products, and consumers. It allows consumers to fully experience and appreciate the brand’s unique qualities, generating an emotional resonance that sets the brand apart from its competitors.


Established in 1999, RE&DER DESIGN PLC has been rated as the National Industrial Design Center, the Vice President Unit of China Industrial Design Association, one of the Top Ten Design Institutions, and iF Award Judge Unit. It has gathered more than 300 global talents with diversified and multilevel innovative design capabilities, and won more than 100 international awards. Listed in 2014, it is hailed as the First Public Limited Industrial Design Company in China.
It takes products, space and brand as the core, specializing in the innovative design of multiple fields, such as product marketing strategy, retail store image, and brand building. Boasting the integrated capacity of innovation during whole process from insight, definition, design, research and development, manufacturing, marketing to branding, it has successfully cooperated with hundreds of global top 500 enterprises and first-class companies, created more than 2000 mega cases, and generated a business value exceeding 300 billion yuan.

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