IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Fu Li Jin Men Hu


Project Description

LOCATION: Xiqing, Tianjin, CHINA
OWNER: Private Entrepreneur
The subtlety of the design of Daihu Garden lies in “hiding”, the design is only hidden in the interior space without showing the mountains and water because natural harmony is the best standard for seeking comfort. Designers use landscapes to create a fusion of design and nature. The combination of metal molding and wall panel.The south-facing windows take into account the outdoor landscape and complement the interior furniture. Various colors,such as beige,gold and brown, are spread in the space and blend harmoniously in the space softly and elegantly.
In this case, space logicalness and practicality are analyzed from a variety of angles, and the design plan can be optimized, finding a better expansion of space by providing reasonable suggestions for building structure. The whole concept design is based on modern European style themes, interpreting fashion, high-end, classic and luxurious boutique residential spaces and creating a life full of romance and luxury.
Space layout is like a living body, it needs to breathe, it needs to be full of tensions and changes, and it is only by doing so that people living there can relax their bodies and minds. The opening pattern on the first floor is clear in a glance and shows a feeling of clarity and patina. Clean kitchen, elegant dining room, open stairs, entrance, all views are unimpeded. Space-to-space is no longer independent and closed, but changes and transitions like clouds and flowing water, allowing owners to relax and be free in relaxation.
The living room adopted the theme of marble, and the simple elegance led to a kind of fresh tranquility. White ceilings and light beige walls give a clean and clear space tone, while furniture and accessories' colors are carefully matched by the designers, giving the interior a warm classical luxury charm of insight and elegance. The main bedroom is not only luxurious, but more comfortable and romantic. Perfect curves and refined details bring endless comfort. The master bedroom and the study space are separated, but are separated, and create a separate interactive space, incorporating the experiences of successful people with comfort, fashion, and quality of life.
Happiness is like the first-class tea in a transparent cup. It smells aromatic, no matter season or time. The refreshing warmth after tasting is continually the identical. with regards to symbolizing eternity, the primary factor that involves thoughts is the slogan “Diamonds are forever, one remains forever”. The owner and his spouse are both engaged within the earrings enterprise. The hostess constantly smiles and acts resolutely, even as the host is calm and rigorous, and pays attention to implementation, what we sense from this couple is usually the joy of happiness. On the equal time, because of their professional courting, their aesthetic sense of element and tactile sensitivity are faster than others. Therefore, the verbal exchange with the proprietor at some point of the design procedure could be very smooth. This couple flawlessly translates "hardness and softness" , so that the happiness of the complete residence is overflowing.


GOS Design belongs to GOS (Tianjin) Decorative Design Co., Ltd. GOS Design takes home decoration as the principle line, soft decoration and tooling as wings, integrates development, and is dedicated to constructing a valuable Chinese interior decoration design.
Relying on high-quality design technique, strictly enforcing the high-quit requirements of the entire system, long-time period consciousness on interior design and creation and the whole case supporting carrier of soft decoration within the later level, figuring out the high-cease requirements of the entire manner, presenting customers with personalized and exclusive space, it's miles a custom designed boutique development method that GOS continually follows.
GOS has lengthy adhered to the principle of now not subcontracting and now not being affiliated. Through data era, it supervises and manages tasks all around the China, offers technology and different desires, and permits customers to enjoy the custom designed and unique layout of GOS and high-quality German craftsmanship.
GOS Design has signed cooperation agreements with more than a hundred Chinese and foreign manufacturers to this point, presenting expert answers for tens of heaps of families. It awarded with the title of Most Influential brand in Chinese Decoration design industry by the Chinese Building Decoration Association and Director Unit of China Decoration Industry Association.
From the out of doors to the interior, it's miles GOS design's careful and considerate carrier; from the inner to the outside, it is the selection that customers don't have any regrets thus far.

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