IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

The sixth batch of leading future community designs in Zhejiang Province

by Ningbo Xuan’mo Future Digital Culture Co., Ltd.

Project Description

Neighbourhood centre
This site was originally a community idle property built in 2006. In order to incorporate the current sustainable development concept into the building, the owner has commissioned it to undergo overall planning, renovation, and design according to the “Sixth Batch of Leading Future Communities in Zhejiang Province” standards. Old buildings are awakened by the superposition of the old and the new.
The community creation project focuses on "one center, three modernizations, and nine scenarios", strengthening public service circles of five and fifteen minutes, and exploring systematic solutions for "old and small" communities. Six areas are divided into six groups based on different needs: the Party Building Intelligent Center, the People's Fitness Center, the Community Activity Center, the Infant Care Center, the Day Care Center for the Elderly, and the Adult Reading Center. By providing urban residents with convenient and accessible social services within a short distance, it emphasizes the focus and integration of residents from various backgrounds, fostering connections between them, cultivating community spirit, and satisfying residents' sense of belonging and happiness.
Party and Mass Service Center
Taking the values of humanism, ecology, and digitalization as its basic connotations, the community focuses on harmonious co-governance, green intensity, and wisdom sharing, emphasizes the main axis of high-quality life, and creates a new urban functional unit that embodies belonging, comfort, and futurity. With its white facade and large glass windows, the rustic white building invites natural light into its interior while seamlessly integrating users with its urban surroundings.
An urban style that integrates natural elements into truss-like beams, terraces, and verdant landscaping is the essence of biophilic design. Flow and movement are incorporated into the design of walkways and driveways in a natural manner, emphasizing the commitment to organic integration with nature. Modernity, serenity, and timeless elegance are reflected in the balance of light, nature, and space. The contemporary concept of modern design emphasizes harmony between function and aesthetics.
Party and Mass Service Center - Hallway
Party-building-led governance mechanisms are divided according to the community's functional design. A highly saturated red color is used throughout the intelligent center area, a combination that is both visually impactful and adds a youthful vitality and exquisiteness to the space. A functional layout, simple lines, and a clean space characterize the open space structure. With the interweaving of space blocks, a rich composition space is created; beige and off-white colors dominate the walls and floors, creating a peaceful and tranquil sense of calm.
Neighbourhood centre - Hallway
Providing residents with interaction and communication space and harmonizing the diluted neighbor relationship will help create a humanistic atmosphere of interaction, integration, and heart-to-heart communication, and build a future neighborhood scene in which "distant relatives are not as good as close neighbors". It is an eye-catching feature that guides people into the neighborhood space with its red staircase. A subtle repetition of red is also found on the walls of the space, maintaining consistency and cohesion. The entire entrance space has continuous vertical and horizontal lines. Sculptural and functional, the red staircase creates a striking visual impact. On the top of the entrance, the mirror image of the stainless steel enhances the vertical feel of the space and creates a dramatic contrast.
Neighbourhood centre - Hall for Village History and Future Zone
In recent years, 5G, IoT, and AI technologies have enabled the Internet of Everything to develop rapidly. A new driving force for social development will be the interconnection of people and things. Future community construction will be driven by data and smart technology, which will improve community services and provide more information to local residents. Using undulating lines and curves, the immersive experience emphasizes fluidity and uses sleek, futuristic aesthetics to emphasize fluidity. Visitors can feel calm and open when they step into this tranquil, cool blue space, while a high-tech atmosphere reflects the digital age. A soft halo effect is created by integrating lighting around the edges of the screen, enhancing content while creating a futuristic vibe.
Neighbourhood centre - Red Property Alliance
An environment that is both modern and attractive is created in the red property alliance areas by using material combinations, organic forms, and color contrasts.
Residents of the community can participate in decision-making, management, and governance in an open, fair, and democratic manner, completing the role transformation from service recipients to decision-makers, and enhancing their sense of identity. The interior is characterized by neutral colors, warm wooden elements, vibrant crimson accents, organically shaped furniture, and ample natural light, complemented by a monochromatic color palette, as well as strategically placed color accents and a harmonious blend of natural and geometric elements. Plants bring vitality and freshness to the space, bringing community residents into ownership.
Neighbourhood centre - Bazaar
It is designed to provide high-quality living services for young people in the community, with the community activity center separated by a sage-like green pergola structure. A wild camping atmosphere is created with green plants in wooden flower pots and warm white fairy lights. Community entrepreneurs receive comprehensive entrepreneurial guidance and consultation in a serene, organic, and multifunctional environment that blends natural and structural elements harmoniously.
Neighbourhood centre - Café
By site conditions, the cafe in the atrium was regenerated. When the roof is opened, a skylight floods the entire space with natural light, and playful blue glass panels add a touch of life. A giant leafy tree provides a biophilic touch to the space, while disc-shaped reflective elements suspended from the ceiling reflect natural light. When renovating an old building, we aimed to create an environment that promoted relaxation, collaboration, and social interaction.
Community commercial
investment is taken into account while designing the layout, which includes forms such as cafes, gyms. The maker space concept is introduced and the facility is operated by volunteers, making "common prosperity" a real and tangible reality for residents. Furthermore, community business has evolved from providing community services to manufacturing products, forming regional support centers, and sharing items to meet residents' consumption needs. There is no doubt that it has become an important platform for carrying out community life, as well as creating a new kind of cultural and creative life. Additionally, the consumption and experience environment differs from that of a shopping mall.
Neighbourhood centre - Passageway of residents’ fitness center
An arched corridor is featured in the design, and a unique reflective ceiling creates a wave-like flowing texture with a visual effect of water ripples or metallic liquid, creating a sensory experience for people who pass through it. As part of the Fitness Center's vibrant blue color scheme, the arch contrasts sharply with white walls and ceilings, creating a lively and energetic atmosphere.
Neighbourhood centre - Baby Care
A rich and complete community childcare service functional area is arranged to cater to the needs of "one elder and one child". Encourage children's creativity and imagination by creating an environment that uses Morandi colors. Children's physical coordination is exercised and their social skills are strengthened through the use of climbing frames, slides, and ball pits. On the left, there is a moving area where children can play, and on the right, a quiet area where they can read or do crafts.
Neighbourhood centre - Reading Center for grown-ups
The public reading space helps to realize the "15-minute quality cultural life circle" by integrating multiple functions like reading, display, and activities. In order to create a harmonious space atmosphere, simple lines and soft colors are used in combination with symmetry, balance, and other methods to create a "people-oriented and nature-oriented" space. Besides serving as a storage space for books, the curved wooden shelf can also function as a seat or display stand, which not only saves space but also increases interactivity and versatility. It creates a virtual and realistic effect by allowing the line of sight and people to flow naturally through the space, bringing the outdoor scenery inside.
Neighbourhood centre - Elderly Daycare Center
The daycare centers, which are based on community services, aim to meet the wishes of the elderly to spend their old age at home, and are a powerful supplement to providing elderly care services. A space experience that coexists harmoniously with nature is created by maintaining simplicity without losing elegance. To ensure environmental protection of the space as well as to add texture and layering to it, environmentally friendly and natural stone materials were selected, and creative additions not only enhanced its environmental protection but also added aging-friendly materials.

Ningbo Xuan’mo Future Digital Culture Co., Ltd.

Since its establishment, Xuan’mo Future Digital Culture Co., Ltd. has provided interior design and consulting services to large corporations and governments. Among the design institutions, it enjoys a certain reputation and popularity. With excellent design expertise and a standardized management system, the design team provides products and services of the highest quality to customers.
With the help of digital technology, the company is able to enhance spatial aesthetics as well as technical integration and optimization of design-related majors, integrating interior design, intelligent applications, multimedia exhibitions, installations, lighting design, landscape design, signage, and more. As a result, the diversity of these disciplines are taken into account at the beginning of the design process, which enhances the depth of the service, the integrity of the work, the economy, and the efficiency.
Design is rooted in its creation. Our approach to design focuses on large-scale, complex, and comprehensive projects, such as CBNB Group Motor City, SHIP Energy Storage Industrial Park, and University of Ningbo Pedestrian Street. As soon as the projects were completed, they were recognized by Party A and praised by everyone from all walks of life. "Sinopec Ningbo New Materials Research Institute" and "The Fourth Batch of Future Communities in Zhejiang Province—Bailong Future Community" are key projects we won in 2021; in 2022, we won the bid to design the "Sixth Batch of Leading Future Communities in Zhejiang Province—Zhang Jian Qi Future Community and Houjie Future Community", etc. The company has gained experience through projects that have been designed and built, and through projects that are currently being designed, delivered, and under construction. These projects include the Science and Technology Industrial Park, the Headquarters Office, the Digital Exhibition Hall, and the Future Community. Several experiences have taught us lessons, and we are confident we will make use of these lessons to create a better vision for the next project. More and better public construction projects will be delivered to our customers in the future.
With the intention of leveraging the capabilities and advantages of both parties in their respective fields, the company established a strategic cooperative relationship in 2020 with the "Ningbo Architectural Design and Research Institute" in order to integrate resources and complement each other's advantages. Moreover, it gives the company a more professional, comprehensive future, as well as solid support for the development of design capabilities.
The company's "SHIP Energy Storage Industrial Park" won the "Urban Excellent Design Award" in the Global View Architecture PIO Urban Benchmark Project Selection 2021 of the Third Global Real Estate Design Competition in 2021.
The future will bring both opportunities and challenges. It's time for us to brave the wind and the waves...

Ningbo Xuan’mo Future Digital Culture Co., Ltd.

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