IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

The poetic dwelling of light and shadow

by Shenzhen J Kong Design Co. , Ltd.

Projet Description

The project is located in Xi Yue Mountain, Long gang District, Shenzhen. The external environment, air and landscape of the community itself are very comfortable. The 78m2 home will house six residents, including two young couples, the owner's elderly parents and a son and daughter who are about to start primary school.
The whole space with fresh and soft cream as the tone, through the texture of different materials to enrich the level of space, so that the whole home was surrounded by a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Furniture local embellishment low saturation color, make the space in tranquil atmosphere with a trace of lively.
The designer merged the original dining room and kitchen, and transformed the bay window into an operation countertop, increasing the operation space and kitchen capacity, so that the original two narrow spaces were merged into a large open and transparent space, natural light and fresh air enter the room through two windows, greatly improving the lighting and ventilation conditions, while providing more interactive environment for family members.
As a family of six people gathered together to exchange feelings of the carrier, the living room is very important. The designer combined the living room with the balcony, introduced the natural scenery and daylighting from the window, merged the TV wall and the bookcase into one, although there was no separate study, but the mother who likes reading also can take the children to enjoy the relaxed happy reading time here.
Children's room is undoubtedly difficult to design, less than 12m2 small room for two children at the same time to provide rest, play, learning, storage multiple functions. The Bay Window Sill has been transformed into a pull-out table with a storage function to provide a learning space for children. The children's room is divided into two areas by the sliding door. The sliding door can be hidden in the closet to make room for playing, and the sliding door can be used to make the atmosphere of the bedroom two independent spaces at night, keep every child's privacy.
Although the House is small, but condenses a family's warmth and the good yearning for life, we hope that through the design for the residents to create easy communication, full of warm living space.
Project address: Xi Yue Mountain, Long gang District, Shenzhen
Design Area: 78m2
Project Designer: Max Xiang

Shenzhen J Kong Design Co. , Ltd.

The environment in which people live, work and play is made up of space. J Kong Design focuses on the environment, history, human activities and aesthetics, studies the interaction between space and people, explores the infinite possibilities of space, and shares elegant spaces full of texture and temperature.

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