IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Binyang urban construction Park No.1

by Guangxi Weishe decoration design Engineering Co., Ltd

Projet Description

As you grow older, your turbulent heart becomes calmer and more introverted. But a touch of jumping color is like a deep-water bomb full of hormones, like a trace of passion in daily life, setting off a ripple in a calm day.

Guangxi Weishe decoration design Engineering Co., Ltd

Guang xi Wei she Decoration&Design EngineeringCoLtd, founded in 2016, is located in the beautiful green city of Nanning, Guangxi. It is a cutting-edge space design engineering coLtd.and has won world-renowned design awards such as the French INNODESIGN PRIZE contest. It has an international cutting-edge interior design team composed of more than 20 world-renowned designers with various professional knowledge and construction experience, and is committed to providing high-quality design and efficient design services. Serve for the design of indoor whole case, commercial space, hotel space, office space, cultural and entertainment space, real estate space design and design consultant. Provide professional and all-round home improvement design and customized construction services; Provide all kinds of commercial space from the early stage to assist in site selection, design and landing of the whole case, and the later stage to promote and publicize many services. We cherish every project, cherish the realization of every inspiration, carry out the mode of integration of design, procurement and construction, and strive for every case to reach the level that can be presented for awards as far as possible.

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