IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

the ECOVACS New SI design

by Shenzhen Scene Aesthetic Design Co., Ltd

Projet Description

The Ultimate space and experience bring the possibility of a better lifestyle --- the ECOVACS New SI design
The ECOVACS New SI design takes "better life style" as the theme and "Ultimate" as the design keyword. The space takes warm wood grain and metallic silver gray aluminum as the main colors and materials, supplemented by the gradual blue embellishment of the brand in the core area. Using the least colors and materials to express the Ultimate simple sense of space. It not only makes consumers feel the life style, but also reflects the brand's scientific and technological attributes.
The consumers journey is also carefully designed to guide the behavior of consumers from outside to inside the store. Consumer behaviors include "look, stroll, stop, sit, think and walk": seeing the dynamic product demonstrations on the left and right sides of the attraction area at the entrance of the store, walking into each star product area and the general display area of the store, stopping at the product experience area to watch the product demonstrations, sitting down for in-depth understanding and communication, and finally generating links in the scene area through family use scenarios related to their own lives to trigger purchase decision.
In the scene area, the family scene is presented in an artistic way. One morning, DEEBOT cleans the floor in the living room, AIRBOT cleans the air in the bedroom, and WINBOT cleans the windows on the balcony. The product carries out cleaning work independently, freeing hands and providing consumers with a better way of life.
The ECOVACS new SI design is the exploration of new retail stores of robot category, and the ultimate space brings consumers the ultimate experience.

Shenzhen Scene Aesthetic Design Co., Ltd

CM Design is the first domestic brand SI and experience POSM design company. Guiding by positioning theory and aiming at "Aesthetic design and Scene creation", CM design subverts the traditional SI design concept and mode, and creates a new age of "scene aesthetic design" and "branding experiential marketing".
CM Design is based on the trend of taking consumers as the core in the new-retail generation, taking strategy as the guide, design as the means, scene as the carrier, experience as the core to reconstruct the new logic and new battle method of people, goods and field, and create the main off-line battle field of the brand.

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