IDPA Japan Design Award


by Huang Tingting

Project Description

Chunyi’s Joy, Unveiled through a Sip
The reconstruction of history awakens the dialogue between ancient architecture and contemporary aesthetic space.
Chunyi is located at the boundary of ancient buildings in Yantai Mountain, Fuzhou, where Chinese and Western cultures blend together. Preserving the original structure of the Yantai Mountain residences, both the beams and the overall appearance maintain the intrinsic beauty of tiled walls and pillars. With the support of new materials, a sense of spatial "distinctiveness" is created.
With black lacquer windows, warm artistic lacquer, and minimalist stone, a strong contrast in materials and colors emerges between the ancient buildings, the streets of Yantai Mountain, evoking the prosperity, confidence, inclusiveness, and fervor found within the architectural historical charm of the past century.
When entering the courtyard to enjoy tea, the pillars of the courtyard are presented in their original form without embellishment, complementing the original blue bricks and restoring the beauty of the architectural structure. By employing the rhythm and abstraction of ancient architectural style, an atmosphere is created, and with the use of structural framing, cherry blossom trees are introduced into the courtyard, embodying the vibrant and expressive essence of a flourishing spring day.
After the new material is planned through the changeable shape and order, it instantly evokes the resonance of passion and logic. The minimalism of materials liberates the expression of color and form, and achieves a perfect balance between disorder and order, rationality and emotion.
The complexity and variability of history are confined within a framework, becoming a kind of "endorsement." People return from the lengthy complexity to the simplicity and predictability of the contemporary, while still maintaining joy and passion.
The arrangement of books and utensils breaks free from traditional constraints with a contemporary artistic approach, while also integrating with tradition. The space appeals to emotions through a lifelike display, and the original ancient architectural structure is guided by rationality, unraveling the complexity of history, engaging in a dialogue with nature, classicism, and life.
From architectural space to furniture composition, from overall layout to material details, the dialogue between old and new permeates the entire space. Different materials, textures, and scents converge and blend within the same domain, achieving a fusion that transcends time and space.
Old buildings, baptized by the passage of time, always possess fragments capable of awakening deep emotional resonance within people's hearts. As individuals traverse the architecture, their intuitive perception of space is derived from the structural framework and enclosing interfaces, as well as the arrangement of furniture.
Human beings leave various footprints in the spaces of their lives. As time passes, some footprints have long faded away, while others remain in ruins. Those that have been fully preserved are few and precious. Respecting the authenticity of history and the integrity of the architecture, designers have applied modern aesthetic design methods to renovate and transform this ancient building. By utilizing the geographical location and distinctive structure of the historic architecture, they present a fusion of Eastern aesthetics and modern design, portraying scenes that are truly vibrant and attractive only when rooted in both modern life and local traditions.
A good commercial space is for gathering with cultural and recreational activities, carrying the history and civilization of a specific region while also possessing youthful vitality. Chunyi is situated in the iconic historic district of Yantai Mountain, exploring beyond the organic integration of local culture and new forms of commerce.

Huang Tingting

Senior Interior Architect
Founder and Chief Designer - “Fujian Tianyi Design Co., Ltd.”
Executive Secretary - “Furnishing Art Committee of Fujian Interior Decoration Association”
Executive Director –“Fujian Langjia Furnish Decoration Company”
Good at project
Educational Institution、Office Space、Showroom Space
design philosophy
The purpose of design is to present the most suitable display environment and the most comfortable space experience for a project
2017 "Golden Bund Award" China (Shanghai) International Architecture and Interior Design Festival Award
2017 " Idea-Tops Award" International Interior Design-First Prize Award
2017 "I-Ding Award" International Design Award
2017 "Guanghua Long Teng Award" China Design Industry Youth Top Ten Award
2017 "Juran Cup" China Interior Design Newcomer Award
2017 Fujian Interior Decoration Association Exceptional Enterpriser Honorary Title
2017 Asia Pacific Elite Interior Design Award
2017 "Jinshan Red Star Cup" Fujian Interior Design Competition
2017 The Ninth "Zhu Rong Award" China Lighting Application Design Competition-National Finals & 2017 China Hotel/Commerce/Smart Lighting Design
2017 CIDA Newcomer Award
2017 IAI Design Excellence Award
2017 Asia-Pacific Interior Design Elite Invitational Competition Finalist Award
2016 Asia-Pacific Interior Design Elite Invitational Competition Excellence Award
2016 Asia-Pacific Interior Design Elite Invitational Competition Finalist Award
2016 “Jintang Award” China-Designer Interior Design Annual Best Retail Space Design
2016 “New Designer of the Year” by Modern Decoration International Media
2016 Fujian "Star Smart Cup" Interior Design Competition Public Space Golden Award
2016 “Xishe Cup” China Residential Design Finals Annual Excellence Award
2016 IAI Design Excellence Award
2016 “Golden Bund Award” China (Shanghai) International Architecture and Interior Design Festival Finalist Award
2015 The 3rd "Haixia Cup" Design Enterprise and Decoration Design Award Online Popularity Will Award
2015 2014 IAI Design Excellence Award
2015 "Lighting Week Cup" China Lighting Application Design Competition (Zhu Rong Award)-First Prize in Fuzhou Division
2015 The 7th “China Lighting Application Design Competition (Zhu Rong Award)”National Finals - Online Popularity Will Award in Office Space Category
2015 2015 The 7th China Lighting Application Design Competition (Zhu Rong Award) National Finals Excellence Award
2015 2014/2015 “Elite Asia-Pacific Interior Designer Competition”- the Excellence Award
2015 “I-Ding International Design Award”- MY BAKERY Morden Bakery Finalist Award
2015 “Jintang Award”China Interior Design-"Excellent Work of the Year"
2015 2015 “Juran Cup CIDA China Interior Design Awards” Office Space Award in Public Space Category
2015 2015 “Juran Cup CIDA China Interior Design Awards” Commercial Space Finalist Award in Public Space Category
2015 “Idea-Tops Award”-Nominated Award of Fuzhou Division Finalist
2015 The 9th China (Fuzhou) Interior Design Competition-Second Prize in Public Construction Engineering Category, Top Ten Designers
Member of Institute of Interior Design-Architectural Society of China (IID-ASC)
2014 The 5th “International Space Environment Art Design Competition”-Excellence Award in Office Space Engineering
2014 The 8th “China (Fuzhou) Interior Design Competition”-Third Prize in Public Construction Engineering Category
2014 The 12th “Modern Decoration International Media Award”- The Annual Design Newcomer award
2014 Top 10 “Western Channel Designers”
2014 The 11th Baihui Annual Fashion (Office Space) Designer
2013 The 4th “International Space Environment Art Design Competition Award”- Excellence Award in Hotel Space Scheme Category
2013 “Idea-Tops International Space Design Award” Best Finalist Award in Office Space Category
2013 “Idea-Tops International Space Design Award” Best Finalist Award in Catering Space Category

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