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International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Super soft infinity warm neck goose down comforter

by Luolai Lifestyle Technology Co.,Ltd

Project Description

The design of this product has been inspired by the ancient city walls of China and the mortise and tenon structure, which is considered a cultural treasure. The staggered joints downfilling ensures stability and heat preservation in construction, aiming to provide users with a comfortable, lightweight, and warm sleeping experience.
The product's innovation lies in its smart fusion of modern technology and user requirement insights. The key feature of this product is its accordion-like structure located at the top, which can flexibly open and close to accommodate the varying contours of the human body. This design offers an optimal fit around the neck and shoulders, ensuring maximum warmth and preventing the ingress of cold air. The 4DBOX yurt pleating process is implemented into the quilt's body to maximize the stretching of the down by staggered pleating, thereby increasing the air storage capacity of the down to achieve even warmth keeping. The product incorporates a one-piece fabric suture and a boneless quilt head design to address concerns with traditional standing or thread-inserted quilt heads that may restrict neck movement. This design reduces friction between the thread-inserted auxiliary materials and the skin of users' necks, thereby preventing the formation of neck wrinkles.
The upgraded boneless quilt head minimizes the gaps between the seams, effectively preventing the down from escaping. Moreover, the 45° inclined lattices on the quilt offer a natural drape effect, improving the fit of the quilt body to the human body and further enhancing the warmth. This quilt, designed to promote a peaceful sleep experience, is crafted from top-quality jacquard-like printed cotton fabric. Notably, this type of fabric is frequently utilized in baby products, offering a supple, lightweight, and skin-friendly feel.
In terms of aesthetics, The quilt's body is precisely divided in the golden ratio of 1:1, presenting a unique geometric aesthetic. This design renders the overall appearance contemporary and artistic and makes the quilt more plump, in line with the aesthetic preferences of modern consumers for household products. Not only is the product functional for sleeping, but it also serves as a work of art for modern homes.

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