IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Sunshine City Jingyue Mansion

by Wang Dong

Project Description

This case is a four story foldable villa with two floors above ground and two floors underground. The owner hopes that this home can abandon common design techniques and conventional artistic decorations, and that unique art can change the interaction mode between family members in both tangible and intangible ways.
Modern luxury emphasizes simple luxury, without cumbersome and complex designs. Simple metal and lines can bring advanced aesthetics to the vision, bring strong impact to the vision, and create an atmospheric and fashionable living atmosphere.

Wang Dong

Wang Dong, born in Jiangsu, graduated from the founder and design director of Musen Design, a century old Canadian technology company; Senior creative designer of Shanglou Decoration, senior interior designer of architecture.
I have been engaged in the design industry for over ten years, and have been in the public construction industry since my early years. I am skilled in structural renovation and specialized in HVAC water supply and drainage. Have their own unique design awareness and understanding. The works cover various parts of the country, including commercial, tourism real estate, and elderly care real estate. Main works: Xi'an Hyatt, Suzhou Hilton, Beijing Chaoyang Hotel, Little Chicken Rainbow Children's Park, Financial Street Rongfu 500 square meters, Poly Tianyu 500 square meters, Jin Yue Fu 500 square meters, North Lake No.1 1300 square meters wait. In recent years, it has mainly focused on the field of private home design, advocating practical, beautiful, and economical design concepts, and excels in modern and new Chinese styles. And study the application and innovation of Chinese culture in space, presenting a different humanistic environment with personalized and unique design techniques. Personal design philosophy: natural (not intentional); Casual (not artificial); Feel free (not chasing). Design originates from life and returns to life. Personal industry qualification: Registered interior designer; National registered decoration artist; National registered architectural decoration engineer; Senior Interior Designer of China Architectural Decoration Association. Honors: Excellent Award in the 2013 Sohu Home Design Competition; Excellent Award for Nesting Award in 2014; Published works by Ruili Home in 2016; Published works in AXD Space Art Magazine in 2018; Outstanding Young Designer (Huading Awards)

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