IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Sunac, Changchun, Eastern Residence

by MAUDEA (Shanghai) Interior Architects Ltd.

Projet Description

The sky is round and the ground is square. It is derived from the ancient Chinese theory of yin and yang, and contains the philosophical concept of yin and yang balance and complementarity between movement and static. It is widely used and expressed in traditional Chinese currency and architectural designs, such as square hole and round money, Temple of Heaven and Earth, courtyard and so on. This design not only contains a rich cultural heritage, but also has a grand and dignified aesthetic style.
The design of the entire living room fully demonstrates the concept of the sky and a circle in this square inch of land. White is "sky" and twilight is "earth". The dark brown background and curtains balance the space between heaven and earth and add a sense of stability.
The sunrise illuminates the imperial residence in the east, and the orange sofa is like the sun jumping out of the ground, bringing vitality and heat to this space.
Gold is the color of the emperor, and the design of the restaurant's metal lamps and the golden murals on the wall adds an extravagance to this space. At night, warm lights spread on the murals, just like the evening sun, warm but not dazzling. This is the feeling of home.
The bay window has been improved and designed into a couch. Between the couches, rest and leisure are divided. The lights hanging from the head of the bed cast a touch of silhouette, and all the years are peaceful and beautiful.
The design of the second bedroom is more elegant, not overwhelming. The metal rods at the head of the bed and the metal shelves on the side of the bed bring a modern atmosphere to this space. There is a sense of relaxation in the stability. The use of leather and metal makes this space low-key and luxurious.

MAUDEA (Shanghai) Interior Architects Ltd.

上海牧笛室内设计工程有限公司MAUDEA (Shanghai) Interior Architects Ltd.

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